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Verse Launches an Indiegogo Campaign to Help Educators

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Updated 11:00 AM CDT, Wed, July 11,2018

Now Seeking Community Support via Indiegogo, Verse Will Partner With Educators to Bridge K-12's Entry Barriers and Amplify their Success When Solving Issues That Threaten America’s Future.

Salt Lake City, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/11/2018 -- Verse is a K-12 Sales/Distribution Holding company that partners with Educators solving K-12's biggest and more pervasive issues through early-stage K-12 EdTech companies in the United States. Issues that have caused U.S. K-12 to fall from #1 to #36 of 46 countries. Issues that hold millions of children back from reaching their greatest potential and strangle the U.S.'s economic productivity. Through five years of dedicated research, over 55-years of combined expertise, Verse has figured out something remarkable that nobody else in the industry has, and it is critical to every American, every company and every child's future. This solution will revolutionize K-12 education and early-stage investing, changing the trajectory of America's inevitable collapse.

Every American already invests in K-12, whether they know it or not, through taxes. Today, the investment is eroding their future, rather than insulating it with a healthy economy. Verse is giving everyone a chance to realign their investment to economic health and prosperity versus total economic collapse. Uber alone raised three times more capital in one year than all U.S. K-12 EdTech nationally. Verse's solution can help early-stage K-12 EdTech companies, founded by Educators, reach unprecedented success, raising awareness of the type of success that can be generated and Uber-like capital will follow. Therefore, Verse has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo's fundraising platform and it aims at raising $100,000 through this campaign.

According to the creators of this project, America is facing the greatest challenge in history because the people who are closest to the problems and most qualified to solve them are the people least likely to succeed if they try to solve them. Leaving a horribly low success rate and marginal success at best, which stifles both capital and entrepreneurs, leaving our children in an education system that hasn't changed since the 14th century. Meanwhile, competing nations have adapted to the changing global economy and have soared past America, a country built upon and that revolves around having the best education system to supply its once global powerhouse economy with the highest quality and most productive human capital.

"Our goal is to introduce the same technology into every classroom as the technology our children will be asked to use when they graduate." Said the spokesperson of Verse, while introducing the project to the Indiegogo community. "Our model will accelerate market penetration and revenue for early-stage, Educator founded companies with innovation that will realign K-12 to the once global powerhouse economy." He added.

According to the spokesperson, entrepreneurs have never been able to penetrate K-12 because they can't navigate through the thick bureaucracy to sale and generate revenue. It's tough to run a business without revenue. However, this solution will amplify sales, therefore revenue, profitability and the value of their company. In parallel, the revenue reduces the need for investor capital, which allows Educators turned Entrepreneurs to retain ownership of their company and the rewards it yields after having served America's children while being paid almost nothing. Once an Educator creates a solution to an issue that plagues America's future, we'll partner with them and bring the business acumen, experience and capital if the campaign succeeds, that they must have, but typically are in short supply of. America has voted through video games, showing it's possible to raise hundreds of millions of dollars through crowdfunding. If we can't raise many times our goal through this crowdfunding campaign, for America's future, for our children's future, that vote is a loud and booming signal, it's time to put away the video games and cast another vote or America will collapse.

In addition, Verse will begin with one company, Schola. A company capable of driving change and generating substantial returns. With the passage of time, this model will continue to evolve and grow, making more companies wildly successful, helping America better prepare for global economic change. With a combined experience of more than 55-years, Verse's team is 2nd to none at introducing innovation into public K-12 schools.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: and backers from around the world can support this inspiring Indiegogo campaign by making generous pledges and donations. The project has futuristic impacts on the generations to come, if video games can raise hundreds of millions on crowdfunding platforms, then this initiative to educate our children deserves much more serious attention.

About Verse
Verse is a K-12 sales and distribution holding company based in the United States and it has developed a revolutionary model to amplify success for Educators solving America's biggest and most pervasive issues that threaten the future. The company has recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise capital for this project, more details are available on the Indiegogo campaign page of this inspiring project.

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