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The Teacher's Academy Focuses on Innovative Reading Courses

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Updated 7:00 AM CDT, Fri, July 06,2018

Furlong, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/06/2018 -- The Teacher's Academy is an organization of teachers with the sole intention of serving, helping, and sharing with their peers. As an approved provider of professional development courses for teachers in Pittsburgh and throughout Pennsylvania, The Teacher's Academy is a valuable resource for educators looking to bolster their credentials and maintain accordance with Act 48 regulations.

By offering certified educators a variety of courses to affordably and efficiently satisfy professional development requirements, The Teacher's Academy is focusing on foundational learning objectives to serve as a basis for enhanced learning potential and, in turn, a more rewarding teaching experience for the teacher.

Two courses, in particular, fit the needs of the teacher who wants to learn new tactics to teach essential reading and critical thinking skills to their students.

In Critical Thinking and Literacy Strategies, a 15-hour course, teachers learn how to incorporate literacy and critical thinking strategies to enhance instruction without taking away content. Teachers will understand how their own brains process complex questions. By watching the implementation of critical thinking in the classroom, teachers will learn how to incorporate critical thinking strategies into their lesson plans. The focus then shifts to the practical before, during and after reading strategies that further engage the learner during the reading process. Participants will also develop a framework for supporting reading in the content areas and creating an instructional toolkit that can be used to increase student comprehension.

In Story Maker Reading Strategy, a 3-hour course, the story maker activity is explained as a teaching strategy used to build and retain reading comprehension skills and vocabulary. By helping to stimulate interest, enhance vocabulary comprehension, and inspire curiosity in literature before a student starts reading it, the Story Maker Reading Strategy course can equip teachers with an excellent tool to spark a child's imagination and encourage their engagement with the learning process.

Providing certified professional development hours for teachers in Montgomery County, the state of Pennsylvania, and several other approved states, The Teacher's Academy aims to encourage a renewed focus amongst teachers to innovate within the classroom, and remain cognizant of the countless ways students learn and grasp the English language.

Those interested in either the Critical Thinking and Literacy Strategies or Story Maker Reading Strategies classes can review the course descriptions and explore other course offerings. To learn more about The Teacher's Academy and to inquire further, fill out a contact form or call at 800-713-1841.

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The Teacher's Academy offers convenient online professional development for teachers. Those who need professional development hours, including Act 48 hours, can gain their hours by taking courses from The Teacher's Academy. All courses are written by active teachers. Courses are available for almost every subject and grade level. They can be taken on one's own time and at their own pace. Teachers choose The Teacher's Academy for their professional development because of the convenience, affordability, and relevance. To learn more, visit

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