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The SchoolDaze Platform Is Streamlining the Education Experience for Students, Parents, and Educators

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Updated 12:02 PM CST, Fri, March 03,2017

Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/03/2017 -- SchoolDaze, the revolutionary new platform that promises to reimagine and vastly improve the educational experience by better connecting students, parents, and educators, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

SchoolDaze is a free, innovative and easy-to-use app that will make the lives of students, parents, teachers and administrators easier than ever before. With the SchoolDaze app users can access the NewsFeed, SchoolPay, or even the BusPass and SchoolPass features. The SchoolDaze app allows parents, teachers and students to interact with one another in an easier and more interactive way than ever before to deliver a more complete and fulfilling educational experience.

"The inspiration behind this project was simply to help bring school operations across our country into the 21st century. How we educate children has always been in flux but our operation systems often appear stagnant. We felt like this was our time to positively disrupt the status quo. We believe that when we help to improve school operations, we take one more issue off the plate of busy administrators thus allowing them to focus on improving instruction for their students," says CEO and Co-Founder Dr. William Greene. "As a veteran educator/ administrator I was often frustrated with how many issues negatively impact our ability to successfully run our schools. We [administrators] are often operating with outdated processes that have become commonplace and and accepted practices. Conversations with stakeholders about how to improve school operations seemed absent. So I decided to engage students, parents, teachers, staff and administrators about processes we could improve (control). The question was "What can WE do to improve our school day? And, thus SchoolDaze was born."

The SchoolDaze App is packed with features that promise to improve communications between all parties and streamline the experience with an all-in-one solution. The Newsfeed feature allows for information to flow easily between all parties, from teachers and coaches, to parents and students, and even school sponsors. In addition, rather than spending hours online heading to different websites for payment, or commuting to your kids' schools to pay for various school fees, parents and students can now pay for everything in the one place, on their smartphone, from the comfort of home or office via the SchoolPay feature. In addition, with the BusPass feature parents can now better anticipate the arrival of the school bus for both pick up and drop. The school bus driver will update the app throughout the day, allowing for the most accurate real-time data that will save everyone time and energy.

With the SchoolDaze App, students can also request permission from their smartphone or other device, and receive an instant hall pass without bothering the entire class and their time away from class is also recorded and kept in the SchoolDaze log for later reference. Finally, the SchoolDaze App also functions as an all-in-one daily planner. Users can be notified of upcoming classes, the location and more via the mobile app. Setup is an easy one-time process that takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

"Our solution is focused on delivering valuable data to school administrators that will help them drive efficiencies. We do this through well thought-out features that deliver data that is important to schools. Couple that with a user experience that is engaging and convenient we feel we have a well-positioned solution that benefits all users," adds Co-Founder Carl Thompson. "Most other solutions and competitors we feel aren't mobile first focused and still use some level of paper processes. They aren't delivering products that address school operations as their primary focus. Our solution is a mobile first solution, that is laser focused on school operations and these first set of features are only the tip of the iceberg of what we plan to offer. We have big plans for expanding our feature set for the platform and expanding our business in 2-3 more areas of education technology."

The SchoolDaze App is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About SchoolDaze Corp.
SchoolDaze Corp. founded in 2016 is a company that leverages 21st Century technology to improve school operations. SchoolDaze is Co-Founded by CEO Dr. William Greene, an Educator and Principal in Georgia, with 25+ years' experience. Along with Joseph Liverpool has over 20 years' experience in financial and accounting services. And finally by Co-Founder Carl Thompson who is an accomplished IT Executive with over 20+ years in delivering enterprise software and mobile solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Co-Founders Dr. Greene, Mr. Liverpool and Mr. Thompson are building a company that will be delivering innovative education technology that will drive efficiencies in schools worldwide.

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