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Monarch Montessori Highlights the Benefits of Guided Play

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Updated 10:19 AM CST, Wed, January 09,2019

Little Falls, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2019 -- Traditionally the word work has been used to describe tasks that are seen as important while the word play has been used to describe activities that are seen as frivolous and unproductive. While these traditional views of work and play hold up in mainstream society, they do not stand in an authentic Montessori classroom.

As one of the few childcare facilities in Passaic County to offer an authentic Montessori education, Monarch Montessori embraces Dr. Maria Montessori's philosophy on work and play. Dr. Montessori rejected the world's view on work and play—instead she believed that a child's play was their work. This revolutionary idea set the stage for the guided play teaching style to be incorporated in today's Montessori classrooms.

At Monarch Montessori, teachers do not use the direct instruction method that is popular in conventional education settings. Instead, teachers guide students through play activities that allow them to work through challenges and conceptualize the world around them. These activities feature developmentally appropriate tasks and materials that are used to create an environment in which children can feel free to learn at their own pace.

While guided play is not widely used in the United States school system, it has been linked to a number of benefits. Children who are educated using the guided play technique are known to be more independent and have better social and academic skills. Furthermore, these children also experience fewer behavioral problems that are associated with a lack of challenge and boredom in the classroom.

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Monarch Montessori School is a preschool and childcare center in Little Falls, NJ. Providing for children aged 6 weeks to 9 years old, Monarch Montessori School offers an authentic Montessori education that fully incorporates the ideals and values and Dr. Maria Montessori through multi-age grouping and a curriculum emphasizing independence and creativity.

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