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Homeschooling from NFC Academy for the Best Elementary Education in the Country

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Updated 9:40 AM CST, Wed, November 27,2019

Elementary education from the NFC academy is an excellent option when it comes to rethinking our current educational system. The homeschooling approach by the NFC Academy addresses the mind, body, and spirit of the children. The Academy offers a contemplative, global, and biblical worldview approach to education. It is an educational system that is in tune with the unique skills and needs of the child.

Tallahassee, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2019 -- The elementary years are the most important phase in the life of a child. This formative time is when the child develops views about themselves, learning, and the world around them. So, it is vital to provide the best educational foundation during these years. The NFC academy's unique elementary homeschooling program is child-centric and provides for a well-rounded educational journey that educates the mind and prepares each student with essential skills in making wise life choices.

The Academy emphasizes the importance of primary education by setting the right tone, shape the children's world, and provide them with tools and skills necessary to thrive beyond elementary schooling. The Academy's programs prepare students for life and not merely for passing grades. Built on biblical values, the NFC academy is the perfect destination for anyone looking for online Christian school.

Speaking at a recent conference, the administrator for the organization said, "The NFC Academy offers fully accredited homeschool curriculum that is designed to educate the child at all levels. We believe in a biblical worldview approach and prepare our students for educational, cultural, and religious values. Our team of educators is committed to fostering the love of learning in children. We help students to explore exciting and innovative concepts that unlock hidden passions within them. Our programs for the elementary years provide different levels of flexible learning. As such, our students can work according to their schedule and be free of the time and space constraints of a traditional educational environment."

The elementary years are truly wonderful for children where growth and learning go hand-in-hand. It's the time of both experimentation and exploration. But traditional schooling may have children falling behind due to an educational system that focuses on mere performance and not on individual needs and strengths. With the NFC Academy, it is individualized education that helps students to overcome obstacles, reach new heights, and rediscover the joy of learning. This personalized attention will help them succeed academically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Homeschooling from the NFC Academy is also free of the negative influences found in public schools. They get much-deserved care and protection as they develop their unique views of the world through the first grade homeschool curriculum. The Academy offers a print curriculum for grades K-5. This, however, is optional for students in grades 3-5. The First Grade uses the Christian homeschool LIFEPAC program for history, language arts, Bible, math, and science. At NFC Academy, it's all about brightly illustrated, engaging workbooks that are filled with interesting lessons and hands-on activities. 

The Academy offers daily lesson plans that help parents know exactly what should be completed each day, so they are not concerned about the pace and completing their school year on time. All major holidays are included as a part of the school calendar, but doing schoolwork is still an option for the family on those days. Time off from studies is in the hands of the parents for the most part based upon their family schedule. This, unlike brick-and-mortar institutions, strengthens family values and relationships with young learners. The Academy offers an electronic grade book and maintains up-to-date records of its students. Well-structured, graded activities, and resource support assistants help to gauge one's learning.

About NFC Academy
The NFC Academy is a fully accredited organization for homeschooling from grades K-12. It supports a biblical worldview and partners with innovative technology to implement successful educational practices. The Academy offers academically strong, accredited homeschool programs designed for Christian homeschooling families around the world.

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