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Germantown Day School Offers Tips for Children Preparing for Their First Day of School

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Updated 8:00 AM CDT, Thu, September 06,2018

Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2018 -- Even though the Philadelphia area is approaching the end of summer, for many children across the city, another kind of journey is about to begin: their lifelong education. And as the organization dedicated to preparing them for this adventure, Germantown Day School is offering parents tips to get their children excited and ready for their first day of school.

While leaving for their first day of school may be a source of anxiety for some children (and parents), Germantown Day School is confident that with the proper encouragement and preparation, their children will have a head start to learning the school's educational curriculum.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to bolster their children's academic abilities to prepare them for their first day. Activities such as reading, drawing, coloring, and reciting the alphabet are recommended. Other beneficial pursuits include identifying colors, counting, and completing basic puzzles.

Social interactions with other children will also be significant. Preparing kids with basic social skills can ready them for these social exchanges. Promoting play with other children and setting boundaries and rules for playtime is a great way to start. Additionally, encouraging children to take turns with other kids, and learning to appreciate the feelings of others will help them grow and learn in this social environment.

In addition to social and academic pursuits, it's critical to include a healthy regimen to supplement any child's learning process. Establishing and keeping a regular bedtime, eating a healthy breakfast, and making sure they get exercise are all ideal ways to promote health-conscious children.

Preparing children for their learning journey extends beyond their first day of school; it lays the groundwork for their lifelong adventure of education. By following these tips, parents can give them the tools they need to succeed and achieve.

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Germantown Day School is a learning-centered day school which prioritizes planned and active learning experiences to build children's school readiness and prepares them for their lifelong educational journey, all according to their motto of "Incipit In Via," or "The Journey Begins." The Philadelphia-area school teaches a curriculum based around math, science, reading, and the arts, and takes a multifaceted and comprehensive approach to stimulate curiosity and learning for its students. Germantown Day School is certified by the City of Philadelphia and the State of Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. For more information, visit

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