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ETC Offers Medical English for Nurses from Spain

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Updated 5:30 AM CDT, Mon, March 09,2015

Bournemouth, Dorset -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/09/2015 -- The importance of well written and spoken English within NHS hospitals is an unequivocal demand for each and every employee and, given that 11% of NHS workers are foreign nationals (with this rising to 26% of doctors) this becomes ever more important. Despite these percentages however the NHS has been, and continues, to face a staffing crisis, this is despite ongoing improvements to completely fund nursing degrees.

The NHS and the effect of turbulent financial times for Spanish nurses

The financial crisis has been a period of unrest to greater or lesser degrees for each country within the EU, however Spain accounts for a country that has been particularly effected by the credit crunch, the consequences of which, such as drastic underemployment and wage deflation, go on today.

For Spanish nurses it is said that if they wish to find work, they must leave the country in order to do so, and with the NHS being widely considered as one of the best medical establishments in the world, the UK seems an attractive answer to their employment woes. To illustrate this, a recent UK nursing drive saw recruiters seeking up to 50 nurses to work in London hospitals; each of these positions boasted a salary that started at £18,000 ($25,000) which compares to a starting wage of £13,000 ($18,000) in Spain.

When the turbulence of the Spanish economy is then coupled with the UK's increasingly pressing nursing shortage, it seems that there is an ideal demand and supply situation. That said however, for nurses who may never have even left Spain before, the challenge of high quality spoken and written English seems like an intimidating prospect.

How ETC are promising to bridge the language barrier

ETC offers a welcome answer to such a conundrum and with industry leading Medical English courses their services could well be referred to as a genuine life saver, both for Spanish nurses who are looking to the NHS for financial salvation, as well as for the NHS which is in other wise dire straits for serious staff shortages.

Going beyond an English course

Many overseas nurses undertake an English course in one form or another in the hope of improving their language skills up to and above the intermediary levels demanded by the NHS. However many have unsurprisingly found that such generic courses fail to teach the specialist language that is used within a medical context. To this end ETC say that they have honed in on a comprehensive medically focused course, and that they provide nurses with essential cognitive skills, as well as clarity of word and accuracy of spelling. All of which allows them to adapt with ease to the pressures within an English speaking NHS.

More details about the courses of Medical English for nurses could be found on this website.

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