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Eagle House Group Offers Speech and Language Therapy Sessions to Kids with Autism

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Updated 4:15 AM CDT, Thu, September 26,2019

London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2019 -- One of the best special needs schools in London, Eagle House Group offers speech and language therapy sessions to children with autism and sensory processing disorders. During the sessions, the school's specialised therapists use a Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD) communication tool which use symbols to allow pupils to utilise a vast vocabulary and spontaneity in their use of language. They use PODD in conjunction with other communication approaches such as PECS to help children on the spectrum grow in confidence every day. During therapy sessions, the therapists create a highly visual environment, which can enable pupils to access every lesson throughout the whole school day, as they create their own voice.

The behaviour support specialists and assistant psychologists at the school implement the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) policy which includes understanding a pupil's interests as a basis to motivate engagement in learning and reward prosocial behaviour, as well as ongoing functional behaviour assessments of challenging behaviour to enable them to help develop behaviour support plans.

During these speech and language therapy sessions, therapists identify the appropriate skill to teach and implement proactive strategies to ensure a consistent response from the autistic pupils who may are affected by sensory processing disorders. They also offer targeted training for learning support assistants to enable them to continue using these techniques to support autistic pupils in the classroom.

Eagle House Group is one of most reputable special needs schools in London and has been actively working for years to provide a specialised education to children with autism. They have a dedicated team of specialists and teachers who work tirelessly to support children with a range of needs, catering for children with Asperger Syndrome, other Autism Spectrum Disorders, and more social and communication difficulties. They also offer training programmes and workshops for parents and local authorities, and their holistic approach is what makes them stand out as one of the best autism schools in the UK.

Talking about their speech and language therapy sessions for parents, a representative from the Eagle House Group stated, "Our speech and language therapists work closely with each teaching team to support pupils by embedding a 'total communication approach' into every classroom. This involves creating a visual environment, which enables pupils to access every lesson throughout the whole school day. Many of our pupils have severely challenging language and communication difficulties so our staff use PODD, which is a tool used to help develop talking (expressive language) and listening and understanding (receptive language)."

About Eagle House Group
Eagle House Group was created in 2004 to support the growing number of families of children with autism who were unable to find an appropriate school for their child. They are a family-owned company and believe that support for the family lies at the heart of what they do.

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