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Champion Traffic School Advocates the Probable Road Traffic Safety Solutions to Reduce the Number of Car Accidents

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Updated 12:00 PM CDT, Mon, March 16,2015

No matter how much innovations and revolutionizing techniques in terms of road traffic safety are developed, Defensive Driving and Discipline should be kept in mind when driving.

Rowland Heights, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/16/2015 -- Based on the latest statistics in terms of injuries and deaths brought about by road traffic accidents, there have been millions that have been documented all over the world and is still increasing in number. There have been 1.24 million deaths worldwide in 2013 due to these devastating road accidents, meaning 1 person dies every 25 seconds. This data have been documented by the World Health Organization in their report on the number of fatalities due to road traffic catastrophe.

And because of the alarming number of deaths and debilitating injuries due to vehicular accidents, every state has formulated and developed road traffic safety schemes to lessen the incidences.

Road traffic safety basically deals with the safety and road accident preventive measures and means to reduce the road accident risks. In cases of fatal and very damaging accidents, vehicle drivers are not the only ones affected, but the passengers and pedestrians as well.

The predicted probable solutions to this distressing issue should be focused on things like (1) Improved and Enhanced Traffic Technologies - mobile traffic applications have now been made available for easy navigation, re-routing from jam-packed and congested roads and determining the road and the weather conditions. Another type of traffic technology that has been used in almost all counties and states is the use of road speed meters, so that road traffic police officers would be able to pull over those violating the approved speed; over speeding has been documented as one of the leading causes of detrimental car crashes and collisions; (2) Better Road Designs - improving the road designs should be a major focus of most urban cities to decongest the busy roads for better mobility; (3) Altering the Driver's Behavior - this is the most challenging of all the plausible solutions. This can be done by requiring all drivers to attend seminars and tutorials regarding road traffic rules and proper road manner and etiquette. There is also a need to emphasize and reinforce the magnitude of practicing defensive driving in preventing road accidents; and (4) Requiring Vehicle Safety Checks and Maintenance - vehicles should follow all the safety standards; this should be done based on parameters under the basic vehicular safety norms; a mandatory crash test should be done on model cars before they are released for sale in the market to be able to determine the extent of damage that may be sustained by the people inside the car in cases of road crashes and collisions.

No matter how much innovations and revolutionizing techniques in terms of road traffic safety are developed, Defensive Driving and Discipline should be kept in mind when driving. These prescribed preventive solutions would definitely save millions of lives by reducing destructive and devastating road traffic accidents.

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