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Celerity Students Explore Social & Racial Equality Through Performing Arts Newest Performance Showcase to Celebrate Black History Month

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Updated 12:15 PM CST, Fri, January 26,2018

Newest Performance Showcase to Celebrate Black History Month

Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/26/2018 -- "Everyone needs a creative outlet to express themselves, and the Arts in school provides that," says performing artist Amber Riley. "And that's the spirit of Celerity Educational Group's Performing Arts Department. It wraps the academic experience of each student into the Arts—dance, acting, and vocal performance."

Celerity Educational Group's Performing Arts Program opens entire new worlds for students from underserved backgrounds. What started twelve years ago at Celerity as dance classes and students introducing each act of a show, has blossomed into a robust Performing Arts Program, culminating in three yearly full-scale scripted shows involving students dancing, acting, and singing, accompanied by live percussion from students. Additionally, integrated academic instruction leading up to each performance allows students to explore histories and cultures around the world and through time.

To celebrate Black History Month, all Celerity public charter schools – Himalia, Octavia, Nascent, Rolas, Achernar, Palmati, Cardinal – will participate in Hitsville, USA: A Motown Story.

Motown started as a record label, but it became so much more. A place, a style of music. A cultural celebration of social and racial equality, a family comprised primarily of black artists, but into which all were welcome. Celerity students will experience the story of Motown through the eyes of Bernadette, an aspiring young black reporter, as she struggles to find her journalistic voice while maintain her integrity.

Each school will host individual shows for families and community members featuring outstanding talented performances by all Celerity students. Performances will begin February 20 and continue through March 8.

The Performing Arts Program has had a profound impact on students. According to April Thomas, one of the two Performing Arts Coordinators for Celerity, it "has helped students build self-confidence, develop fine motor skills and coordination, strengthen memory and social awareness, and most of all, discover their voice – to know that they can and should be seen and heard." Matthew Bamberg-Johnson, another Performing Arts Coordinator, agrees. "Here at Celerity, all students are included. We emphasize inclusion, and have seen students shine who may be challenged in other areas with physical disabilities, speech impediments, challenging home environments, or learning English. Each student has a role crucial to the performance."

Best of all, high-skilled professionals from respective disciplines teach students who learn first-hand the rigors and joys of practice leading to a recital before an audience. With academics woven into the fabric of show preparation, Celerity teachers encourage the students to explore not only the performance aspect of the production, but also how the themes within the storyline have shaped society.

Thirty (30) dedicated professionals contribute to the Performing Arts Department. But parents and other family members volunteer to help decorate the stage, support the production backstage, and publicize the production. Indeed, the department itself is a large "family" of students, parents, teachers, and those who enjoy the performance in the audience.

"Teamwork builds social cohesion as the students, who come from diverse backgrounds, learn to work together on a great project," explains Nadia Shaiq, Interim CEO and Chief Academic Officer. "Individual talent also comes to the forefront, as students discover their abilities to act, sing, dance, and tell a story. Combined with the contributions from our parents and communities, these amazing talents meld into an incredible whole—a stunning performance."

For Celerity, Performing Arts has led to greater student engagement, improving attendance and attentiveness in the rest of their academic classes. The Performing Arts Department works directly with the academic team to collaborate on instruction of general academics and the State's Visual and Performing Arts Standards. As a team, they use participation in the Performing Arts to reinforce the student's academic and social education.

The Performance Arts Showcase is the perfect way for students to be introduced to a lifetime of joyful memories and a richness that pervades their academic success and future goals for college and career.

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