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Arliss T.E. Levine Interviewed in Canadian Occupational Safety August/September 2015 Edition

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Updated 10:28 AM CDT, Wed, September 16,2015

Calgary, AB -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/16/2015 -- Allstar Enviro Safety is excited to announce that their lead Safety Consultant, Arliss T.E. Levine, was interviewed in the recent Canadian Occupational Safety magazine, published by Thomson/Reuters Canada Ltd.

Amanda Silliker, the Editor of the Magazine, which is a Safety Standard in Canada, published a fascinating article regarding Hydrogen Sulphide gas, also known as Stink Damp or Sour gas. This highly toxic material naturally occurs in petroleum and nature gas and is the cause of multiple fatalities in the province.

Arliss T.E. Levine, CRSP, CHSC, BA, NEBOSH IOGC and COR Auditor was interviewed because of her experience as a trainer for over 2 decades in Alberta. She instructs Classroom based H2S training, as well as offering several online e learning courses to promote the message about the dangers of H2S. She observed that it is quite common in her classes to have students who have been exposed to the nerve gas or who have been knocked down. While it is a difficult lesson to forget about protecting oneself from the dangerous properties of this silent killer, many students memories of their knock down have left them with no recollection of the incident!

Arliss was sad to hear that one of her students had become complacent and died opening up a hatch on the top of a vessel. It contained crude oil with H2S. Hydrogen sulphide is soluble in fluid and can escape by stirring, depressurizing or heating it up. She discovered that he became unconscious once he opened the hatch and fell off a platform to his death. This emphasizes the point that even experienced workers can forget momentarily about the dangers and succumb to this poisonous, corrosive and flammable gas.

The article emphasizes many of the points in the classroom based instruction. as follows:

Learn the initial response strategy if there is an H2S release
Know the points of release such as valves,seals and flanges
Understand the 6 physical properties - Flammability, Color, Solubility, Vapour Density, Odor and Gaseous State
Learn Rescue techniques
Wear Supplied Air or Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
Use Gas monitors or Detector tube devices to detect its presence

For further information, please follow the links to learn more about Hydrogen Sulphide Gas:

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