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NFC Academy's Online Elementary Programs for Grades 2nd to 4th Cover a Comprehensive Curriculum

LogoThe fully accredited homeschool program from NFC Academy provides the best academic standards with holistic learning at the elementary level. The curriculum includes comprehensive subjects that encourage and engage students at an early age. There are daily assignments, quizzes for review along with written work and tests to ensure the student understands the concepts in the curriculum.

NFC Academy Meets the Most Pressing Demands of Elementary Education in the Country

LogoThe NFC Academy is one of the most exceptional homeschooling options in the country that provides education for the elementary age child. Perhaps, its foremost distinction is the ultimate expression of parental involvement. This helps to develop a loving and structured environment for the children to discover their maximum potential. It would be accurate to state that homeschooling with the NFC Academy is an educational approach that helps students achieve highest scholastic levels.

Homeschooled Students and Parents of NFC Academy Stand Up for the Real-World Challenges

LogoHomeschooling is no longer the way it used to be. It now has a mainstream appeal with children having access to friendship, online learning, extracurricular activities like any other public-school student. The NFC Academy, with its personalized learning and reliable methods of instruction, is enabling students and parents to confront real-world challenges with confidence. From college admissions to social interactions, students from the Academy are surpassing all expectations. 

Homeschooling from the NFC Academy Is Revolutionizing the Way of Education in America

LogoToday, as children head back to school, many of their homeschooled peers will be starting their academic year as well. With accredited home school programs from the NFC Academy, there is no better way to educate your children. The organization’s innovative approach to education presents a range of educational methods and philosophies to children. It is indeed an exciting opportunity to have the freedom to blend these styles.  

Homeschooling from NFC Academy for the Best Elementary Education in the Country

LogoThe elementary years are the most important phase in the life of a child. This formative time is when the child develops views about themselves, learning, and the world around them. So, it is vital to provide the best educational foundation during these years. The NFC academy's unique elementary homeschooling program is child-centric and provides for a well-rounded educational journey that educates the mind and prepares each student with essential skills in making wise life choices.

NFC Academy Is Offering 1st Grade to High School Homeschooling Programs

LogoNFC Academy has, for years, been serving families in the United States and internationally by providing certified homeschooling services for kindergarten to high school students. The driving objective for the Academy has been to provide an accredited distance education program for Christian families. Today, NFC Academy is proud to have developed such a program that is educationally approved meeting the needs of our students across the United States and around the world.

NFC Academy Offering Online Homeschool Programs in Florida

LogoNFC Academy is offering fully accredited online homeschool programs for full-time, part-time, transfer, and international students. The programs at NFC Academy include grades from Kindergarten to 12th grade. The homeschool program for 3rd-12th grade is delivered digitally online and there is also a K-5th grade accredited program using print (books). NFC Academy is committed to provide homeschool families with an academic program of excellence all from biblical worldview. NFC Academy's program K-12 both online and print are fully accredited by AdvanEd, the Middle States Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools and the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and School. Students in the high school online program in 9th-12th grade also find their core courses approved by the NCAA. The college preparatory program prepares graduates for their next step into college or their career path while giving them principles for making wise life choices. These accredited programs are not just available in the United States, but across the world. NFC Academy offers programs from here (Tallahassee) to just about anywhere. All you need is the Internet to start working at NFC Academy.

NFC Academy Provides Accredited and Bible-Based Online Homeschooling Programs

LogoNFC Academy is a respected accredited Christian school providing academic programs for homeschool families desiring a college preparatory program for homeschool students in kindergarten through 12th grade. The homeschooling programs are delivered digitally to full time, part-time, transfer, and international students in 3rd-12th grade and a print (book) options for K-5th grade. The Academy allows parents to either perform the role of a home teacher for their children from 3rd-7th grade or select the option for NFC Academy's experienced teachers like is done in 8th-12th grade. Those families in the K-5th grade print program will have the home be the primary teacher.

Find Certified Homeschool Programs in Florida from NFC Academy

LogoNFC Academy is announcing its accredited homeschool programs for kindergarten and high school students. The school has been offering quality and affordable online and print education programs based from a biblical worldview curriculum. They admit students from Kindergarten through high school. Through multiple accreditation agencies and memberships NFC Academy's educational programs have been reviewed and approved. Therefore, parents can rely on the institution for quality education for their children.

Find Accredited Homeschool Programs in the U.S. from NFC Academy 

LogoNFC Academy is one of the most popular distance education learning school in the US. For years, the Academy has been offering quality and affordable learning opportunities for children. They provide education programs from kindergarten to high school level. Accrediting agencies such as AdvancEd, the Middle States Commissions on Elementary and Secondary School and the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools have accredited the programs offered by NFC Academy. Therefore, those looking for quality and affordable education that meets the rigorous academic standards can rely on the NFC Academy.

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