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Get to Know All About Volcanoes from World Landforms

Over the years, spectacular landforms were formed on the surface of the earth due to occurrence of lots of natural activities such as extreme climatic changes, tectonic activities and erosion. The splendid structures that can be witnessed are Mountain ranges, Plateaus, Rift Valleys, Islands, Gulfs, Forests, Volcanoes, Canyons and many others. Of all the landforms, volcanoes are the most read and studied.. Readers interested in studying about volcanoes can get interesting information from World Landforms. The portal provides information about 5 different types of volcanoes i.e. shield volcanoes, composite volcanoes, complex volcanoes, spatter cones and cinder cones that have been classified by scientists as per their shapes and eruption.

All About Landforms from a One-of-Its Kind Portal World Landforms

Curiosity surrounding the various landforms of the world is hard to wane, making it one of the most searched topics on the internet. With a view to gathering substantial knowledge on related topics, individuals can get extensive information about landforms from World Landforms. They provide detailed information about a wide array of landforms that includes Archipelago, Bayou, Cenote, Lava Lake, Ria, Oceanic Basin, Waterfall and many more. Those who are looking for comprehensive details with respect to the same can count on this portal for a huge stock of information that can be used for multiple purposes.

South Florida Eleven Year Old Author Profiled by Sun Sentinel

Eleven year old Lexi Schwartzberg was featured in Sun Sentinel newspaper recently highlighting her new children's book focusing on the water cycle. The article by Alexandra Herrera, special correspondent, interviewed the popular author.

Panama Relocation Tours Announce They Have Sponsored the Volcancito Elementary School in Panama

The owner of Panama Relocation Tours Jackie Large understands how important it is to give something back to the community. That is why Jackie is pleased to announce her company Panama Relocation Tours is sponsoring The Volcancito Elementary School in Panama.

B180 Basketball Fundamental Skills Program Uses Basketball Skills Training to Improve the Academic Reading Skills of Basketball Players

Here is an exciting news for basketball players. B180 Basketball, Inc., a company based in the Great Lakes Bay Region of Michigan, offers individual athletes a reliable, high quality basketball training product known as the B180 Basketball Fundamental Skills Program that improves basketball playing skills and also the academic reading skills of an individual. The program can be bought by visiting The program that is priced at $99.95 can be bought as a pre-order offer at a discount of 25% by using coupon code B18025 at checkout. A FREE water bottle is also available with this pre-order offer that will be valid until August 31, 2015.

Student Press Rights Advocate Seeks Kickstarter Funding for New Initiative

LogoFree Student Press intends to make public high school students aware of their little-known legal rights to distribute at school uncensored, independent, student-produced publications and to support students in the struggle to make their voices heard.

Discovery Learning Launches Big Discounts for Both New and Returning Students Looking for Fitness Qualifications

Becoming a personal trainer is a more lucrative career than ever before thanks to the increased media saturation of perfect bodies for both men and women, the news ensuring people are aware of the dangers of the obesity epidemic, and the lack of general knowledge surrounding how to truly get fit effectively. For many however, the qualifications are simply too expensive to embark on this career. Discovery Learning is changing that by offering fitness courses online at a significantly lower price, and they have just introduced new discounts for returning students and newcomers.

Driving Intensive Course Experts, Leicester Launches Complete Intensive Driving Course

Advanced Driving School has unveiled its Complete Intensive Driving Course, which can enable learners to pass the all important driving test without too much hassle.

Leicester Driving School Announces Complete Intensive Driving Course

Driving Intensive Course Experts, via their website,, has launched Complete Intensive Driving Course for learner drivers with several attractive offers including five driving tests if they are unsuccessful for one reason or another.

Hybrid EMT Allows Students to Train from Anywhere in the Country

Carver, MA's favorite EMT Training facility just took their first steps into the National marketplace. Hybrid courses are making a big impact in today's educational environment. By adapting the principles of traditional training to meet the needs of student's fast-paced, digital lives, National EMS Institute has constructed an all-inclusive program.

Know More About Continents from Leading Online Portal World Landforms

Nature has blessed mankind with a number of beautiful landforms that are beyond human comprehension. Created due to natural activities, "continents" are one of the dramatic landforms that cover 29% of the entire earth's surface. To educate users about these mesmerizing landforms, World Landforms has provided detailed information about continents, which users can get from their online portal, World Landforms. Students or readers interested in knowing about the formation and other details of continents can visit this informative portal for getting reliable information. Besides this, users can even get the detailed information about the area covered by each of the seven continents.

Teachers Praise Young Authors New Science Book for Children Utilizing Common Core Standards

Teachers are praising the eleven year old, Lexi Schwartzberg, author and creator of a new book, Lily Droplet's Amazing Adventure: The Water Cycle (ISBN: 978-0-99629-331-0), for addressing science topics that appeal to young children.

950,000 Children in Nepal Ask for People Around the World to Support an Important Crowdfunding Campaign

The initial reports of the assessment show that a huge percentage of school facilities are either severely damaged or destroyed due to the earthquake disaster in Nepal. That means over 950,000 children will not be able to return to school.

Two Outstanding Palmer Trinity School Students Recognized

LogoThe Silver Knight Awards recognize extraordinary students who go beyond the classroom to unselfishly contribute significant service to their schools and communities. This prestigious award is only presented to 15 students in Miami-Dade County and 15 students in Broward County.

Long-Time Palmer Trinity School Faculty Member Receives Award

Logo"It is a well-deserved honor for Jan's dedication and service to Palmer Trinity. As a pillar of the Episcopal faith and the wife of an Episcopal priest, Jan serves the community as a shining example of how to live one's faith in everyday life. She has unselfishly led community service efforts and left a positive impression on the lives of students and colleagues alike," expressed Patrick Roberts, Head of School.

Stafford Celebrates Five Years of the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (International) – PGCEi in the Middle East

Stafford recently celebrated five years of offering the University of Nottingham Postgraduate Certificate in Education (International) – PGCEi in the UAE and the rest of the Middle East. The central elements of the programme are the acquisition of skills needed to create a successful career as a teacher.

Scott Tucker Teaches Monthly Yogurt Making Class

Everything Entertaining, the site for nonstop information on everything interesting and fun, will preview a yogurt cultivation class taught by dairy chef Scott Tucker. The class is free to adults and children over the age of 10, and will be taught monthly this August through November.

Florida-Based Eleven Year Old Author Addresses Common Core Standards with New Book

The Common Core language arts and literacy standards attempt to correct the fiction/nonfiction imbalance by placing more emphasis on reading nonfiction—starting with an equal emphasis on literature and informational text in elementary school. At nearly all grade levels, students are expected to develop research skills across content areas with a strong focus on nonfiction, including literary nonfiction.

JetSpring Offers Live Chat Service to Help Colleges and Universities Increase Enrollments

LogoColleges and universities that are looking to increase enrollment through their website may not feel like they have the time or resources to make it happen. However, one company they can call on to accomplish this task is JetSpring. With JetSpring's live chat service, colleges and universities will have a team of individuals dedicated to enticing website visitors to apply. Additionally, their operators are trained to answer any questions alumni, parents, or a current student might have about the school. Those who are interested in JetSpring's services can reach out to the company by giving them a call at 866-255-1827 or email them at The company can also be reached by filling out a contact form on their website.

MITSkills Now Offers Post Graduate Program in Industrial Automation & Controls in Pune

With the developing technology, demand for skilled professionals is also increasing day by day. To suffice the growing need of the automotive and tools manufacturing industry, MITSkills is now offering full time Post Graduate Program in Industrial Automation & Controls in Pune. It is a 6 months training programme that features industry oriented learning in instrumentation engineering and training on latest software like Auto-CAD, PDMS, and SCADA. The programme also includes development of soft skills in the candidates that will help them excel in their career.

Elementary School Assignment About Water Cycle Leads to Important New Book for Children

Schools all over the United States are emphasizing nonfiction more and more as the Common Core standards become essential. The Common Core language arts and literacy standards attempt to correct the fiction/nonfiction imbalance by placing more emphasis on reading nonfiction—starting with an equal emphasis on literature and informational text in elementary school. At nearly all grade levels, students are expected to develop research skills across content areas with a strong focus on nonfiction, including literary nonfiction. Announces Launch of PTS OnDemand - Professional Trading Strategies Course to High Anticipation

LogoExperts agree, becoming a successful trader online is easier said than done.  While many people aspire to be profitable traders online, without the right training, mindset and willingness to take action the chances are usually quite slim for this to happen., a collaboration of trading professionals stacked with real world experience, have made it their mission to offer transparent services to help these traders succeed.  The most recent addition to this, is a Recorded OnDemand version of their live training – the PTS or Professional Trading Course.

New Sales Training Book Content Featured at Advanced Sales School Events

LogoWilliam "Skip" Miller will train attendees of his Advanced Sales School courses using concepts from his newest book, "Selling Above and Below the Line", during the next session of the course, August 10-12, 2015 in Silicon Valley.

Get Trade School Loans from My Any Purpose Loan at Competitive Rates

LogoTrade school aspirants often find themselves running from pillar to post to get loans to fulfil their dream of getting quality education. Candidates planning to join trade schools can now get Trade School Loans even if they have Bad Credit from My Any Purpose Loan at competitive rates. They provide trade schools loans to young individuals and their parents with a view to suit their specific financial need. Borrowers are offered a lower rate fixed term unsecured loan under their 0% credit card program with 0% interest for 18 months, which comes with flexible repayment option.

Eleven Year Old Author Lexi Schwartzberg Addresses STEM Curriculum with Water Cycle

STEM is an acronym referring to the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The term is typically used when addressing education curriculum choices in schools to improve competitiveness in science and technology development. Eleven year old Lexi Schwartzberg is the author and creator of a new book, Lily Droplet's Amazing Adventure: The Water Cycle (ISBN: 978-0-99629-331-0). Schwartzberg creatively addressed STEM curriculum in her newly published book. The unique integration of STEM ideas and appealing character of Lily as a water drop is perfect for young children.