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Newly Designed Learn Italian 6000 Words App Now Available Through Google Play Store

Learn Italian 6000 Words, a language learning app that has been specially designed for people of other countries who want to learn the Italian language, recently received a major upgrade. The developers at Fun Easy Learn, the e-learning resource development firm that has designed the app, said that the app is now compatible with Android 5. They also claimed with conviction that the new design of the user interface has improved usability and navigation.

LAMUS Launches Courses in Professional Makeup for Careers in Films and Fashion

There is a need for hands on training in order to excel in professional makeup and the Los Angeles Makeup Schools (LAMUS) provides ample opportunities for their students in this aspect. Theirs is a premier Institute which is said to have shaped the careers of many aspirants and they have launched several courses designed for interested students. These are for different levels in makeup and are said to be comprehensive.

Website Offers Educational Content on Health Benefits of Massage

LogoThroughout human history, massage has been known as an effective method for restoring health and vigor, offering relief for everything from back pain to mental illness. Now, a Turkish website is offering extensive content on the healing power of massage therapy while also providing a comprehensive online listing of quality massage professionals.

Help for Students Pursuing a Post Secondary Degree Is Available in the Tax Code, According to Frank Ellis

LogoTax expert Frank Ellis has written on many tax-related topics, and he has the ability to find identify the issues that taxpayers care about and shine the light on them. His latest article on centers on the American Opportunity Tax Credit which helps those who are pursuing post-secondary educational opportunities.

A Big Step Forward in Natural Skin Care - Health Enhancing 90 Purified Ocean Elements

New in the skin care world of Natural and certified organic products is a brand with a Health Enhancing element not found in other natural and organic brands. Herbal Transdermal with proprietary ingredient, 90 Purified Ocean Elements.

Free E-Courses for Business Owners, Executives and Managers to Learn How to Compete in Today's Digital Marketplace

Dr. Vivian Lee (aka: Dr. Vi - value & integrity) has just announced the official launch of three FREE e-courses at Global Marketing Communications Network, Inc. (Global MCN). The three 7-day FREE e-courses are in the following topics:

Green Path Academy: Your Pathway to Leading Universities

As a private high school in North York, GREEN PATH ACADEMY enjoys beautiful environment. And as the first private school while being entitled with the same qualification of public schools, GREEN PATH ACADEMY provides free high-quality education for Canadians. It also creates excellent language learning environment for all students in class, where students from different countries, rather than all from China, study and experience the native Canadian culture and customs all together.

Creator of at the Wave Series Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoAt the Wave is a series of educational songs and videos that allows children to learn about sound through the medium of music.  Creator Alicia Patterson has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production of MP3s and videos in the series and to distribute this music to children everywhere.

Bayshore Synagogue Hosting Open House Showcasing Their Jewish Learning Program for Youngsters

LogoServing the Jewish community in Aberdeen, Matawan, Holmdel, Hazlet and Old Bridge for decades, Young Israel of Aberdeen is constantly seeking ways to give more. The most recent example of this is The Bayshore Hebrew School operating weekly in this Aberdeen synagogue. From its humble origins in 2011 with a single teacher and just four students, this youth learning program has more than doubled in size and expanded its offerings to engage Jewish kids with enjoyable and engaging learning experiences.

Merrick Rosenberg Available for Keynote Speaking

LogoBack-to-school season is in full swing, and it's not just in the halls of higher learning that education is being sought. Businesses who want to empower their teams with new knowledge and innovative ideas are busy planning educational conferences and speaking events. Learning DISC, the four-style personality model, is one powerful way to bring teams together and become more successful. Merrick Rosenberg, CEO of Take Flight Learning and a leading light in the field of DISC study, is available as a keynote speaker on the life-changing lessons of DISC.

DimensionU Announces Launch at Project Phoenix Learning Center in Detroit

LogoDimensionU, Incorporated, through partnership with Learning Technology & Leadership, LLC, proudly announces the launch of it's DimensionU educational video games platform for mathematics and literacy, during the grand opening of the "Project Phoenix Learning Center" at Butzel Family Center, in Detroit, Michigan on Friday, October 16, 2015. The Project Phoenix Learning Center is a new 21st century computer lab and learning center, funded by the Jim and Cheryl Caldwell Foundation. The opening marks the fourth installation of DimensionU Educational Games at Project Phoenix Learning Centers, including the Detroit Lions Academy in Detroit, Michigan, the Ken Carlson Boys and Girls Club in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and the Hawthorne Community Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.

BeMyTutor Starts Crowdfunding to Make Education Available to Everyone

LogoBeMyTutor aspires to be an online educational platform that will offer high-quality of multilingual live teaching facility for all regardless of their financial status. The core idea behind the creation of BeMyTutor is to build one virtual destination where a tutor or a student will not need to use any external tools (such as Skype, file sharing services) for their classes. The features available on this platform will make studying online almost effortless and affordable for all. Some of the most important features of BeMyTutor are tutor/student advanced rating system, one-on-one video chat, group chat, instant file exchange feature, and desktop demonstration.

EH Academy Launches New Online Courses in IT and Software

Be it ethical hacking techniques, Linux Server Setups or other software related courses; has launched a number of training modules. These are aimed to help job aspirants in increasing their chances of getting a job in the IT sector. The Academy is the brainchild of Ehacking, which has been involved in the field of training since the past 5 years and continues to help in creating professional ethical hackers.

Digital Marketing Specialist DDSRank Announces Winner of 2015 Dental Scholarship

DDSRank, a dental-practice SEO and marketing company, announced that Claudia Jean VanOpdorp has won the company's 2015 dental scholarship. VanOpdorp's essay about how dental work gave her confidence in her smile and made her want to help others particularly impressed the scholarship judges, as did her strong record of academic achievement. The company is now also accepting entries for the 2016 DDSRank dental scholarship, with entries being due by Sept. 30 of next year.

Apryle VetMD Presented to the European Congress of Veterinary Dentistry

Apryle Horbal is an expert in equine dentistry. Horbal presented to the European Congress of Veterinary Dentistry regarding computed tomography, micro-CT, and histopathological study of equine cheek teeth infundibular defects.

Palmer Trinity Senior Becomes Pro Soccer Player

LogoOriginally from Colombia, Andres has dreamt of becoming a professional soccer player since he began playing the sport at the age of five. He was on Palmer Trinity's soccer team, where he has been a student since the sixth-grade, and also played club soccer with Real Miami F.C.

Precise Portions to Exhibit at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas

Precise Portions, a company specializing in portion control dishware and healthy lifestyle resources, announced today that it will exhibit at the ABC Kids Expo on October 18-21 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The company will showcase its Show 'N Tell Nutrition Learning Systems, a comprehensive resource designed to help children ages two and up play and learn the importance of portion control and adopting healthy eating habits.

New E-Course Teaches How to Make Money Licensing Information Products

LogoA new e-course just released by Licensing4Profits reveals the step by step process on how to license information products to generate more sales and profits. It's designed for information product creators and marketers looking for ways to expand their distribution, find new products to sell, or create new sources of bottom line revenues.

Expert Docs Urge U.S. Secretary of Education: Play It Safe with Kids - Go Wired Not WiFi

Leading expert scientists and doctors who are advisors of the Environmental Health Trust (EHT) have sent an open letter to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and incoming acting Secretary John King detailing children's unique vulnerability to the health risks of wireless technology. The scientists outline specific steps the U.S. Department of Education can take to safeguard children's health in the 21st century, such as choosing safe corded (non-wireless) technology and creating a national education program for students. The scientists applaud the fact that such efforts are already well implemented in several schools and countries and call on the United States to take a leadership role.

Apryle VetMD Newsletter Address the Importance of Veterinary Care for Working Horses

Apryle VetMD is Apryle Horbal, VMD. The premier issue of Apryle VetMD newsletter will address her belief that veterinary medicine varies from helping pet owners become more knowledgeable about animals to improving the lives of work horses. Improving the livelihood of people in developing countries by improving the quality and length of life of working horses and donkeys creates sustainable health programs for animals by training local veterinarians to provide long-term solutions and establish regular contact with animal owners.

Axxel Brings Affordable Education and Career Training to Everyone

LogoAxxel, a group of educators, parents, and students who want to give people the tools for a better life, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. This campaign has a funding goal of $75,000, which needs to be raised in order to make the Axxel educational program a reality. Axxel wants to offer affordable and timely education to everyone who seeks it. The team states, "Axxel is a project that is very close to our heart because we know and feel that it can definitely help countless individuals around the world by providing affordable college degrees." However, the team needs help making it a reality which is why they have launched their campaign and are sending out an appeal to "Friends of Axxel".

Inno-Versity Celebrates Release of New Leadership Book with Learning Animation Video

Research into human behavior has shown that using a whiteboard animation video to teach a concept or market a product can produce a fifteen percent increase in learning and information retention. At a time when marketing methods like television commercials, radio spots, and print ads are declining in their effectiveness, this is great news for everyone in business who needs to reach a target audience with a specific message. With whiteboard animation on the horizon, experts feel there's now a better way to engage and connect.

CSS Wireless RFID Remote Control School Door Locks Can Save LIVES

LogoWith the Umpqua College Shooting on October 2nd, North Arizona University Shooting, Texas Southern University on October 9th --142 since Sandy Hook, Campus Security Systems is bringing awareness to the public that a Lockdown / Bullet Resistant School Protection System designed specifically for school classrooms, offices, hallways, and gyms is now available and affordable.

KGH Creative Products, LLC Launches Website Offering Quality School Supplies and Homeschooling Curriculum

LogoKeith Hicks is pleased to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide range of schooling supplies including school furniture, everyday school supplies, and homeschooling curriculum. Hicks was inspired to start his website by the people that he knows who are homeschooled. He wanted to offer excellent school supplies and curriculum items to anyone wishing to start homeschooling. He is hoping to turn his website into a one-stop-shop for all of the school supplies that homeschooled children need.

Los Angeles Makeup School Unveils Various Courses for Users

Los Angeles Makeup School – LAMUS has announced different courses that offer students insight into the magical world of makeup, body painting, hair styling and more.