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Widely-Praised Beelinguapp Gives iOS Users a Leg Up on Language Learning with Launch on iTunes

LogoCreating a torrent of praise in the Google Play Store, the Beelinguapp launches on iTunes and takes iOS by storm. Growing by 1,500 new users a day, the award-winning app helps language learners increase their reading skills and navigate grammar usage with a karaoke-type method. Proven to help those who learn best by reading and listening rather than memorizing out of context vocabulary, the Beelinguapp ups the ante on convenience. With fun on tap, it allows for side by side reading while listening to their audible language of choice. Think, No Fear SparkNotes for language learning. Now think, becoming fluent in thirteen languages by enjoying fairy tales, novels, and news.

Wild New Audio Adventure Teaches Kids About Endangered Species

Children's author and wildlife investigator Jake G. Panda has partnered with sound specialist Roger Rittner and Pulp Radio™ to bring his rip-roaring adventures "The Endangered Files" to headphones everywhere. The first tale, "The Case of the Cursed Dodo," is a hilarious wild and woolly mystery designed to teach young listeners about the serious topic of endangered species in a fun and informative way.

The DevOps Institute Is Proud to Partner with Pearson to Announce the New Continuous Delivery Architecture (CDA) Certification Course

The DevOps Institute (DOI), the continuous learning community around emerging DevOps practices, training and certification, today announced it has launched a new competency-based certification: Continuous Delivery Architecture (CDA) in partnership with Pearson, the world's learning company. Built upon the principles and practices of Pearson's bestselling book "Continuous Delivery" by Jez Humble and David Farley and the "Continuous Delivery LiveLessons" video course by Jez Humble, the CDA course equips IT professionals with the broad-based competencies necessary to architect and orchestrate effective and efficient automated deployment pipelines. CDA is the newest certification in DOI's DevOps Practitioner® series and will be delivered by DOI's global channel of Registered Education Partners.

Miami Royal Ballet Excited for New Dance Classes Beginning Now

LogoFor parents looking for wholesome after-school activities for their children near Miami, help is at hand. Miami Royal Ballet has announced that it will be beginning new ballet classes on September 2nd, and that interested parents need to get in contact with the school now to book a place now. According to Professor Ballerina Lourdes Arteaga, lead instructor at the school, there is still time to sign up, and places are available.

EMPOWER's Clerkship Lottery Process Makes Scheduling Easier for Medical Clerkship Students

LogoRecognizing the unique needs of medical schools and administrators, EMPOWER Student Information Systems has released its new Clerkship Lottery Process.

Vishwashanti Gurukul Offers Quality Education with a Sense of Identity, Spiritualism and Ethics

With an aim to blossom young minds, MIT Pune's Vishwashanti Gurukul offers value-based and quality education to its students. The school empowers each child with a sound foundation of attitudes, Indian values, knowledge, and life skills. Based on international curriculum, this school has divided its programmes into three sections- primary, middle and upper school years. They have an excellent teaching staff that motivates young minds to delve deeper and find their leader within. To ensure that every student attains his/her maximum potential during their schooling, this school organizes a range of extracurricular activities, such as sports events, debates, quizzes, etc.

AIMS UK Is Celebrating 8th Anniversary of MBA in Islamic Banking and Finance

The Academy for International Modern Studies, or AIMS, is now celebrating 8th anniversary of their MBA in Islamic Banking and Finance program. The program is specially designed for banking and finance professionals as well as investment advisors and analysts, auditors and accountants, lawyers and consultants, educators and researchers and anyone with a stake in the world of Islamic finance.

Game of Thrones Star to Join Global Goals World Cup at NIST International School in Bangkok

LogoNikolaj Coster-Waldau, better known to many as Jamie Lannister on the hit series Game of Thrones, will join the Global Goals World Cup (GGWCup) as an honorary referee at NIST International School in Bangkok, home of Chelsea FC Soccer School Bangkok, on 30 September 2017.

Proteach Now Offers Driving Lessons in Swadlincote

Proteach started off several years ago as a one man operation. Matt Lawler, who runs the business, decided one day to have a change of career. After qualifying as an ADI, Matt started to offer driving lessons to people around his hometown of Burton on Trent.

Houston Computer Classes Offers Highly Personalized MS-Excel Individual Training and Staff Training

LogoHouston Computer Classes, a renowned computer training center in Houston, offers exclusive Microsoft Excel training for individuals as well as staffs, thus helping them take their Excel skills to the next level.

Casa Xelaju Launches Exciting Programs

Casa Xelaju, is offering Spanish a language program for Retirees In Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Premium Dissertation Offers Exciting Deals to All Students

LogoPremium Dissertation helps students to perfect their projects. This  dissertation writing help  website has already helped thousands of students with their dedicated work. Since the year 2009, this company has been providing excellent academic solutions.

Death to Shoddy University Websites - Education App Signals the Future

In all likelihood, if you're reading this article then you probably already know the pain and frustration that university websites can cause. Unlike any other sites on the internet, university websites have the remarkable and unique power to mislead and confuse their users. Anyone who has been to university or has researched university courses will know this and be well aware of the tedious trial that is navigating a university website. However, for those of you haven't yet undertaken the challenge of deciphering a university website, let me tell you what you're in for.

The Management and Strategy Institute Offers Occupational Paths for Individuals with Six Sigma Certifications

LogoAt the Management and Strategy Institute, training, certifying, and advancing individuals is their specialty. Specialized in the Six Sigma certification, they empower individuals who are looking to advance in their careers, gain more professional skills, and stand out from their competition. Abiding by their founding principles, MSI endeavors to offer their professional certifications in a manner that is fair, convenient, and affordable. To this end, they ensure that all certifications cost less than $299.95. In conjunction with their certifications, MSI is familiarizing individuals with the Bureau of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Ed4Online Partners with the University of Wisconsin-Barron County

LogoEd4Online is pleased to announce the availability of its digital learning courses to continuing education students enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Barron County. Courses will be offered through the UW-Extension program, which aims to make online learning accessible and affordable for students with nontraditional, fast-paced lives.

Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet to Add Conditioning to the Wellness Aspect of Their Various Programs

Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet (CPYB), a nationally recognized school in the world of dance education, is pleased to announce it will be adding conditioning to the wellness aspect of its various programs. Adding conditioning into its training programs will help improve a student's aerobic capacity, muscular power, as well as flexibility and agility.

Classform Announces Release of Inventory Management Platform

LogoClassform Inventory Management Platform — Classform has announced the immediate availability of their Classform Inventory Management Platform. Classform provides schools free registration and use of their inventory management platform.

OSHA Pros USA Offers OSHA 10 Hour Training in Philadelphia

OSHA Pros USA, a leading construction safety training provider, is offering OSHA 10 hour and 30-hour training in Nevada and Philadelphia. The objective of the training is to educate people about the safety requirements needed to enter certain occupations that require basic understanding of the same. The certifications course are very important for proper construction operation. OSHA 10 hour training classes teach the candidates how to operate in construction industry safely and correctly.

OSHA Pros USA Announced the Availability of OSHA 10 Hour Construction in Nevada and Texas

OSHA-Pros USA, a leading provider of online construction safety training, today announced the availability of its OSHA 10-hour Construction in Nevada and Texas. This course is the only authorized 10-Hour course that meets the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) online training course requirements which became effective April 1, 2012.

OSHA Pros USA Offers OSHA 10 Hour Training in Nevada from Industry Leaders

Worker safety is an important aspect that should not be neglected. In fact in America, the candidature of an employee will be canceled if she or he is unable to produce the certificate. This is why OSHA Pros USA now offers an extensive range of OSHA certification course that is typically designed to educate people safety rules and regulations that are to be followed in the industry. OSHA Pros USA understands how important it is to keep workers safe even in countries that don't have an OSHA.

CraftEssayWriting Now Makes It Possible to Order Professional Paper Writing Services Online

LogoEssay writing is an indispensable and very important part of any educative process. With so many tasks students have to complete every day, writing a quality and informative paper frequently becomes a challenge. This is where professional services provided by CraftEssayWriting are of great help.

ImageFIRST Announces Results of Nation-Wide Backpack Donation Drive

ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists announced that they donated almost 1,000 backpacks to children in need this past July through their annual Backpack Donation Drive.

OSHA Pros USA Offers OSHA 10 Hour Construction in Nevada and Texas

OSHA-Pros USA, one of the leading, premium safety organizations in the world, has been providing an online course for corporate safety for more than 40 years. This site is built to offer the OSHA 10 General Industry Class or OSHA 10 Construction Class in Nevada or Texas to those looking for Department of Labor OSHA Wallet Card. OSHA 30 Hour Training courses are vital requirement for those who are aspiring to build a career as a supervisor or foreman.

Kids Learning Tech Launches Amazon Echo Course to Give Kids the Most Current Mad Skills

LogoEver wondered how does Amazon's Echo work exactly? This and other practical information is what the newest technology class from Kids Learning Tech teaches Georgia elementary students. Tackling the what for's and the how-to's for Amazon Echo, the course is a windfall for thriving in the digital age. Already known worldwide as the coveted digital assistant catering to the whims of the masses, Echo's a wish list item. It's a must have that underscores just how the world runs on networked information. So, shouldn't little guys and gals have the 411?

Rasovai School Announces Dates for Meditation Teacher Training in India

Meditation is a practice that initiates a dialogue with the inner self and brings you to the present moment. It helps in leaving the external inhibitions aside and adopt a brand new consciousness replete with self-awakening. Given the hectic lifestyle, the daily stress and strain of the modern ways of living, Rasovai School offers meditation teacher training in India. These trainings which will be organized from March 2018 in Goa, aim to provide the participants with highly effective tools and a deep precinct of calm and self-healing. The meditation teacher training courses have been inspired from ancient Indian scriptures and adapted to suit modern demands.