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Eagle House Group Offers an Effective Autism Training Program for Parents

Eagle House Group, an independent special school in London, offers an effective autism training program that teaches parents strategies for managing challenging behaviour in children with autism. This program consist of a range of workshops that help parents find answers and discover new solutions whilst helping them to find out more about their child's autism. Their team of teachers has vast experience in handling people with an autism spectrum disorder. Their training sessions are attended by parents who share their experiences about bringing up a child with autism.

"UNSTUCK: An OCD Kids Movie" Shows Children and Teens They Can Overcome Severe Anxiety

Growing up can be scary – especially for children and teens who suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). That's one of the reasons a new film "UNSTUCK: An OCD Kids Movie," is screening in therapy and community centers across the U.S. and Canada for International OCD Awareness Week, (October 8 through 14). The 23-minute documentary examines the often-misunderstood mental health disorder and shows how six kids are facing – and fighting – some of their worst fears.

ITM Training Center Provides Valuable Courses as Solar Power Growth Leaps 50% Thanks to China, United States

LogoITM Training Center is proud to offer solar training courses as solar power is growing at unprecedented rates thanks to the United States and China. The amount of solar power usage jolted up by 50 percent last year worldwide, according to a report by The Guardian.

Maryknoll Lay Missioners Proudly Welcomes Its 50th Candidate Orientation Program

LogoOn October 1, 2017, Maryknoll Lay Missioners (MKLM), joyfully welcomes its 50th Lay Missioner candidate class as they begin the 2017 Orientation Program. The class consists of a diverse group of candidates from across the country. The program, which began in 1975, is held yearly at MKLM's operations based in Maryknoll, New York, beginning in October and running through mid-December. It provides candidates with a foundation for cross-cultural mission success when they embark on their new assignments upon completion.

Alakh Yoga School Announces Dates for 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

Alakh Yoga School in India has announced the dates for Yoga Alliance accredited 200 hours multi style teacher training course in Goa. The school runs its course all year around in Rishikesh. However, for the winters, the courses are organized in North Goa. This multi-style training which will focus on two different styles of yoga i.e. the traditional style of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga, will be organized from December till March.

Alakh School Announces Dates for Yoga Naturopathy Detox Retreats in India

Alakh Yoga School in India has announced the dates for its 13 day Naturopathy And Yoga detox retreats at its centers in Goa and Rishikesh. This is a one of its kind very unique detox retreat course, where students will learn and study the ancient traditional techniques of Naturopathy. The term Naturopathy indicates anything that is inspired by nature. The idea that nature cures all, drives this form of alternative treatment methodology. The core concept of this treatment methodology is a mix of diet, breathing techniques, asana practice, massage and other natural forms of alternative cure.

Avantika University Offers Bachelors Programs in Design to Deliver Thoughtful and Responsible Design Learning

The first design centered university in India, Avantika offers Bachelors programs in Design that enable students to explore new mediums and methods for delivering thoughtful and responsible design solutions. The university offers B.Des courses in system design, industrial design, and communication design. The curriculum of bachelor of design programs is designed on an integrated cross-disciplinary approach and focuses on harmoniously blending design with technology on a solid foundation of liberal education. The fundamental ways of learning under the university's design discipline includes internships, workshops, live project trainings, and other activity oriented practices. Students wishing to have a bright career in the design industry can get admission in the design programs by taking the Common DAT (Design Admission Test).

Rasovai School in Goa Announces Dates for Ayurveda Massage Training in India

Ayurvedic massages are very popular for their healing abilities and curative qualities. While one might find a number of spas that offer it as a service but there are very few quality massage training schools. Rasovai is one such massage school in India that has been organizing bodywork courses for over a decade. The school has announced the dates for its very unique AyurBalance Ayurveda Massage training from November 2017 till May 2018. These trainings focus on teaching Myofascial release along with the core balancing principles of Ayurvedic Massage.

USM Partners with Perciformes Group to Develop Tripletail Fish for Land-Based Hatcheries

LogoIn a newly announced multi-year sponsored research agreement with Perciformes Group, the University of Southern Mississippi will develop methods to culture and breed Tripletail (scientific name Lobotes surinamensis) for commercial production in land-based aquaculture facilities.

Answering Service Supports Early Childhood Learning

LogoAs accelerating educational standards have set higher benchmarks for students at younger ages, early childhood education has become a necessity. Unfortunately, many working families cannot afford these types of private programs for their children.

Executive Presence Bootcamp Registration Closes October 1st

LogoSuccess in business depends on influencing others. The Executive Presence Bootcamp is for any business professional – not just those who've already reached "C" level – wanting to boost their influencing ability and confidence. This intensive two-day leadership development event gives attendees a deeper understanding of how to practice social agility and manage the perceptions of others. They return to work radiating the power, confidence, and authenticity essential to getting things done.

DriveE App Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Revolutionize Driving Lessons

LogoSeasoned driving instructor and tech enthusiast from the UK, Istvan Farkas is translating his vision into reality with the DriveE App. The purpose of this ultimate driving lesson solution is to make driving instructors and pupil's life easier and safer. Istvan alongside his friend started to developed a web app, but they realised that wouldn't be enough and he is now seeking support to raise funds for the development of android and iOS applications for the app.

Students Can Now Realize Their Dreams of Becoming Doctors from Prestigious Universities in Georgia

Education Consultancy, one of the leading consultancies for education in India and abroad. It is now offering some help for students, who are looking to get into the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. For students who want to pursue MBBS in Tbilisi State University, and are looking for information on how to get into the university, this is the right place to be. This University was established in the year 1918 by Ivane Javakhishvili but was only named after him in the year 1989.

Vedic Meditation Course: On September 22nd and 25th by Meditation Instructor, Paula Newman

This Vedic Meditation Course which was offered by Meditation Instructor to the Stars Paula Newman (as seen in ABC's Celebrity Wife Swap with George Hamilton) and founder of Aware Meditation with a rare visit to the Sacramento area. The course will be taught at the Hawthorne Suites, 321 Ber-cut Drive, Sacramento, Ca. 95814 beginning at 7:00pm. On Friday, Sept. 22nd.

A GPA Calculator Launched Exclusively for the Students of Ohio State University is pleased to launch a GPA calculator exclusively for the students and professors of the Ohio State University (OSU). There is no need to introduce GPA or the Grade Point Average. This is a score that tells the students on how well they have scored in all the courses on an average. The score will be used to assess whether the students have met the standards or expectations set by a particular university or a degree programme.

Fast Capital 360 Donates Thousands to Local School Districts

Having invested in the people and welfare of their local community, Fast Capital 360 is consistently taking strides to affect positive change in the Southeastern Pennsylvania area. The company has shown a pattern of consistent giving and volunteering over the course of the past two years and, this month has announced a donation of more than $11,000 to three local school districts.

Avantika University Offers Bachelors Program in Industrial Design Combining Technology and Creativity

Avantika University, India's first design centered university offers Bachelors program in Industrial Design that is a combination of art and engineering knowledge. This program provides an opportunity to broaden the perspective of learning by creative thinking and experimentation. The goal of the bachelors in industrial design program is to provide students with the necessary skills so that they can create and develop new products, without any hassle. The University organizes a range of industrial workshops and seminars to provide an active learning environment that allows students to develop themselves professionally. Those who want to become successful industrial designers can enroll themselves in Bachelor of industrial design program offered at Avantika University.

Investing in Ones Safety - Firearms Training for New Shooters in Los Angeles

LogoThose who are new to firearms would benefit greatly by taking a firearms class in Los Angeles from LAX Firing Range. Learning how to use a firearm safely and effectively makes shooting fun, and the instructors at LAX's firearms class in Los Angeles have the expertise to do just that. Their main goal is to educate you about the safety and correct usage of firearms so you can use them with confidence.

Management and Strategy Institute Offering 25% Discount in September 2017

LogoAs an accredited online certification service, the Management and Strategy Institute is an invaluable resource to workers in the business world. Being veteran owned and founded, the company strives to make online certifications as convenient and affordable as they can be. Specialized in their Six Sigma online certification programs, they allow individuals to stand apart from their competition, fill up gaps in employment, and further their professional skillsets. Until the end of September 2017, the Management and Strategy Institute is excited to offer a 25% discount on any Six Sigma quality management certifications.

The Playground Acting School Is Looking for New Talent

The Playground acting school in Los Angeles is happy to announce their free tryouts program. Tryouts are usually held for talent referred to them by agents, but for a limited time they have an open enrollment program. The Playground acting school is looking for new talent. The free tryouts are held at their Los Angeles studio located on Beverly Glen and Santa Monica Boulevard. The free tryouts are held every other Saturday between 11am and 5pm.

Monarch Montessori Provides an Authentic Montessori Curriculum

LogoFor parents seeking an alternative to traditional childcare in Passaic County NJ, the search for an authentic Montessori school can be a long and frustrating one. Since there is no trademark on the "Montessori" name, nearly any childcare center in Essex County NJ can call themselves a Montessori school without any form of vetting or insurance that children are getting the real and authentic Montessori experience. Residents who want to make sure that their children are gaining the skills and experience that come with an authentic Montessori school are enrolling their children at Monarch Montessori.

Monarch Montessori Prepares Children for Life

LogoWith hundreds of public, private and charter schools within the state of New Jersey alone, finding a professional, trustworthy and reputable elementary learning environment is no easy task; that's where Monarch Montessori shines.

Monarch Montessori Provides a Holistic Approach to Childcare

LogoParents looking for the best way to develop their child as an individual through their choice in Passaic County childcare love the Montessori approach taught at Monarch Montessori. Monarch Montessori specializes in taking a holistic approach to childcare, allowing children to develop their interests in a structured yet individualized environment, rather than a set curriculum.

Eagle House Group Offers an Exceptional Standard of Education and Support to Children with Autism

A recognised autism school in London, Eagle House Group offers quality education to children with autism. This school provides all required rehabilitation to children with autism spectrum disorder that enable them to achieve maximum independence. They have a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to creating a positive environment for children to deliver quality learning. Their teachers focus solely on developing a positive attitude toward future life and learning among autism-affected children and young adults. They have three learning centres: Primary School (4 to 11 years), Secondary School (11 to 16 years), and Sixth Form for 16 to 19 year old learners.

ImageFIRST Releases Results of 2017 Backpack Donation Drive

LogoImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists announced that they donated almost 1,000 backpacks filled with school supplies to children in need through their Backpack Donation Drive. The purpose of the annual drive is to assist in giving children in need essential materials for starting off the school year successfully.