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ITM Training Center Offers Business Analyst Training Courses

LogoITM Training Center, which is well-known for providing superior unemployment training in New Jersey, announces that they also have business analyst training courses available. Business analysts are currently in high demand in the information and technology management field. By earning a certificate in a business analyst course, individuals can add valuable skills to their resume to help them stand out, improving their chances of being hired or promoted.

S&S Services Offers the Largest Selection of Classroom Furniture in Lots of Fresh and Playful Colours

S&S Services, a leading online store for art and craft supplies, offers the largest selection of classroom furniture designed for schools and children's learning centres. The classroom furniture they offer is vibrant and available in lots of fresh and playful colours. Created using the highest quality materials, all of their classroom furniture is sure to bring out the best in students whilst guaranteeing safety. The wide selection of furniture they offer makes the class more interactive and motivates children's study habits. The entire range of classroom furniture is durable, maintenance free and safe for children. Individuals looking for the one-of-a-kind classroom furniture can contact S&S Services for their needs.

Eagle House Group Offers Specialised Education to Learners Aged 4-19 Years with Autism and Asperger Syndrome

Eagle House Group, one of the top autism schools in London, provides specialised education to children aged 4-19 years old with autism and Asperger syndrome. They have three learning centres, Primary School (4 to 11 years), Secondary School (11 to 16 years), and Sixth Form for 16 to 19 year old learners. The schools create a motivating, rewarding, and purposeful atmosphere to help learners realise their full potential despite the difficulties that they may face. They use positive reinforcement techniques to teach the children and young adults, ensuring that their individual requirements are met and their autism does not get in the way of their education. This autism school in London focuses on the holistic development of their learners, not just their curricular education. Individuals looking for one of the best special needs schools in Surrey can contact Eagle House Group to discuss their child's needs.

Spanish for Fun! Duraleigh Teaches Raleigh's Youngest Learners

LogoPlay-based learning enables infants and toddlers to start learning a second language at their own pace at Spanish for Fun! Duraleigh, a Spanish immersion school in Raleigh.

Advance the Computing of Prime Numbers with "Prime Numbers Distribution Sequence"

LogoWithin mathematics, finding out the quantity of prime numbers that exist below a certain integer is a challenging task. As such, there exists the prime-counting function, P(N), which returns the number of prime numbers below a given integer N. Within this function, two main methods are utilized to find the exact quantity of prime numbers: the "divide and count method" and "sieving techniques." While both of these methods have been thoroughly tested and proven over the years, the time and computational power needed to complete them, especially at higher values of N, present problems. More specifically, the "divide and count method" requires an immense amount of computational power, while commonly used "sieving techniques" are very memory intensive. And on top of the hardware problems these methods create, the "divide and count method" and "sieving techniques" also fail to provide information on the distribution of prime numbers, and the patterns that form within it. Luckily, a team of dedicated mathematicians at Nuclear Strategy Incorporated have developed a new algorithm to compute the number of primes below an integer N, which they have published in their paper "Prime Numbers Distribution Sequence."

ITM Training Center Prepares Individuals for Rewarding Career in Solar Industry

LogoITM Training Center offers in-depth training programs for individuals who are interested in starting a career in the green industry of solar energy. The 300-hour solar training course for NJ residents is the perfect way to jumpstart a new career. With the rapidly decreasing cost to install solar systems, more homeowners than ever are deciding to have solar panels installed to reduce their home's energy costs.

SkillsBuild Training Launches E-Learning Platform to Attract New Candidates to IT Careers and Close the IT Skills Gap

LogoThe growth of the IT industry is generating a need for trained individuals who are interested in building careers in this lucrative field. SkillsBuild Training addresses the need for trained IT professionals, and is actively equipping candidates with the knowledge and skills they need to grow and succeed in the IT industry.

The Exam Prepper Partners with GBRI to Offer Best in Class Exam Prep and Training Packages for Its Members at Exclusive Rates

Today, the Exam Prepper announces a rare and formidable partnership with Green Building Research Institute, GBRI to bring GBRI's best in class LEED Green Associate Exam Prep, LEED AP Exam Prep, WELL AP Exam Prep and other exam prep and training to all its members. This collaboration will offer a rare opportunity to its members to receive the best exam prep and training at an exclusively reduced rate. The initiative is also part of Exam Prepper's commitment to bring the best-in-class LEED, WELL and NATA exam prep resources to its members.

Introducing Tutor2You, the App to Change Learning for the Better

LogoEvery parent, student, and working individual knows just how important it is that everyone receives a high-end education. An education is simply invaluable. It allows people to make themselves into what they want to be and progress in the competitive world economy. In fact, many immigrants cite their reason for immigration as a way to give their children access to a better education. Sadly, many children and even college student find themselves falling behind in even the best educational systems. This phenomenon is often due to the specific weaknesses that some students have as it is common for a student to have a subject area that they are weak in. To help cover up some of these weak spots, some students hire tutors to help reinforce certain subject areas. However, finding a reliable, nearby, intelligent tutor is easier said than done. To make this process easier, an aspiring entrepreneur named Mohamed Hassan has begun to produce a revolutionary app named Tutor2You.

International Business Summit to Be Held June 14-16 in Woodland Park, CO

LogoThe Charis Business Summit will be held June 14-16. Unique to this summit is the practical help available to those trying to launch new businesses or nonprofits, those ready to grow their organizations to a new level or to become industry leaders, or seasoned owners looking to sharpen or refresh their vision. This international business summit will feature a mix of speakers, each successful in their respective fields.

Creative Learning Practices to Substitute Traditional Learning Methodology by Avantika University

India's first design university, Avantika University offers full-time and fully-residential four year B. Des (Bachelor of Design) and a two year M. Des (Master of Design) programs respectively. These programs enable students to focus on technical and artistic aspects of communication with an integrated cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary approach. The learning pedagogy at Avantika fosters creative thinking abilities among the students to help them develop novel ways of growth and development in the future. Internships, workshops, live projects, and other practical erudition practices are the fundamental means of learning under Avantika's design discipline. The students have the option to choose their specialization of interest, namely Industrial Design, System Design and Communication Design. E-Learning Site Launched to Help Professionals and Organizations Successfully Compete and Win Government Business launched a free online learning website designed to help industry professionals and executives successfully enter and compete in the government marketplace. Developed for those new to government contracting as well as seasoned professionals, members will have access to insights and courses developed by subject matter experts to expand government contracting knowledge and increase company sales.

AAB College Launches Summer School on Democracy and Development from 14th to 27th August

AAB College is launching its Kosovo Summer School 2017 Program on Democracy and Development focusing on International Development, Decentralization, Conflict Resolution, and Post-Conflict Societies – Kosovo and the Balkans. The two-week study abroad program allows students to gain in-depth knowledge on the developmental situation in the Balkans, as well as expand their horizons on post-conflict democracy.

Ryan Lane Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Promote Perfect Penmanship

LogoClinical studies have proven that people who practice longhand cursive writing far outperform others who use modern methods of printing and typing. The Palmer Method of cursive writing has been used for decades. Now, there is proof that conclusively proves the importance of penmanship for brain development.

Spanish for Fun! Offers Unique Daycare Option

LogoStudies show the benefits of teaching children a second language as early as preschool. Spanish for Fun! Wake Forest Center embraces that belief with a play-based philosophy that lets students learn at their own pace.

Introducing Engineering 4 Kids, an Engineering Curriculum to Enthrall

LogoThere is no denying that STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields are on the rise. As technology becomes more prevalent in more and more areas of life, employers everywhere are crying out in an attempt to find potential employees with engineering degrees. In turn, the STEM fields are quickly becoming a necessity in early education to acclimate more children to the fields of the future from a young age. However, there are simply not enough comprehensive instructional materials to entertain children while providing a full, progressive education. As a father of a five-year-old girl, one professional engineer by the name of Ernst Bergen noticed this lack of a comprehensive set of high-end materials, so he set out to create his own materials for both his child and other children to enjoy and learn from.

Edtech Startup Flex Class Holdings Raises US $5.68 Million from PIPE Investors

A consortium of PIPE investors from Singapore has confirmed US $5.68 million or INR (Indian National Rupee) 36.92 crore investment in the Flex Class Holdings Inc., an online marketplace for the skill development programs focusing on the emerging markets of India, Thailand and Africa.

CE-Merging Partners with GBRI to Bring the Best in LEED, WELL and AIA Education

Two of the best online education platforms, CEMERGING (CEM) & Green Building Research Institute (GBRI), are about to enter into a partnership; bringing Architects, Engineers, building professionals and students the best of continuing education courses at an affordable rate and excellent quality. The Online courses will be on a vast variety of sustainable topics including LEED v4, WELL Building Standard, UN SDGs, Daylighting, BIM, Energy Modeling, Sustainable Olympics, Corporate Sustainability, Climate Change, Biotechnology, Data Centers, Green Tech, Public Transportation, Automobile Industry's green hands to name a few.

Gary Spatz's the Playground: Free Acting Workshops

The rising demand for acting classes and financial constraints has necessitated the need to have free acting classes to improve participation.

Introducing BrainSmart Parenting, Bringing Neuroscience to Parents Everywhere

LogoThe early years of childhood are some of the most important times in the life of any individual. The way that children are taught and brought up has a long-lasting impact on their well-being and success in life. In fact, most of the high-end colleges in the United States and around the world regularly publish articles outlining just how important early education can be in providing children with a solid mental foundation. This widely known importance of childhood alongside the discovery of higher levels of neuroplasticity during the early years only goes to show how pivotal a high-quality upbringing really is.

Avantika University Offers Bachelor and Master Programs in Design with an Objective of Resetting the Learning Pedagogy

Avantika University, India's first design centered university, offers focused and specially crafted bachelor and master programs in design. They are developed based on a new pedagogy conceptualized by some of the great minds from the Indian education fraternity. Moreover, with the explicit objective to encourage and inculcate innovative skills in each student. Design programs have necessary components of hands-on projects, internships, and workshops that follow real-life training that makes the students the most preferred professionals across industries. Avantika programs not just support professional growth, but they also develop student's acumen in innovation and entrepreneurship. They have experienced faculty members who have the required know how to foster a design-led thinking approach to students' learning.

Thousands of People Are Learning How to Make Money from Real Estate - CashFlowDepot

CashFlowDepot (, a leading authority on making money from real estate, has launched some very important free educational tools so people can understand how they can make money in the real estate world with little or no investment. The free educational tools include a free book titled The 5 Best Ways To Make Money From Real Estate, and also free video training.

Michelle Danner Acting School in Los Angeles Offers Acting Classes and Workshops

LogoNew sessions starting June 5th and September 5th.

Start a PADI Instructor Course at Oceans 5 in Gili Air

LogoBefore you will enjoy life as a PADI Dive Instructor you should choose the right PADI Course Director. Choosing the right Course Director and PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center for your instructor training is the most important decision you will make.

Introducing Shake on It, a Course That Unveils the Selling Formula

LogoThe ability to market and pitch a product or idea is one that is invaluable in any company. From the fast food waiter who instinctively asks if the customer would like to upgrade to a large fry to the professional salesperson that pitches the sale of thousands of items at a time to other companies, the world of sales is incredibly prevalent in today's economy. Sadly, many people falsely believe that being a good salesperson is an innate personality trait that cannot be taught or learned. However, by simply speaking to any seasoned salesperson, it is easy to realize that the art of the sale is on that is learned over years of experience. Today, an up and coming online course by the name of Shake On It is incorporative nascent technology and engaging techniques to teach the masses how to be an effective salesperson.