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Remco De Vries Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Funds for Happiness Trainer Certification

LogoRemco de Vries has always worked hard to make others happy.  He has been a certified NLP trainer and coach for seven years and wants to help others learn the secrets of happiness.  By offering his happiness workshops later this year for a lower price, de Vries hopes jumpstart his business and to help others achieve true success by first becoming truly happy and use the raised funds for his certification.

One World Dive and Travel, Formerly Underwater Phantaseas, Now Offers Scuba Diving Lessons

LogoAny activity that offers thrill and adventure can be really exciting. Scuba diving is one such activity through which people can enjoy themselves and learn about the underwater world. Intending to provide people with an outstanding experience, One World Dive and Travel, formerly known as Underwater Phantaseas, now offers scuba diving lessons. The company has designed various programs to enhance the thrill of scuba diving. There are experienced instructors who provide various levels of assistance ranging from basic to advanced.

Glow Yoga Kids to Present at the "Spring Into Inclusion" Conference

LogoOn March 21, 2015, Edmonton based kids yoga and creative movement company, Glow Yoga, will be offering two sessions at the "Spring Into Inclusion" conference at the Alberta Teachers Association presented by Community Options. The hands-on session is entitled "Breathe, Stretch, Play & Relax" and will have attendees doing exactly that! This dynamic and engaging exploration of kids yoga will begin with an overview of the theoretical side of kids yoga, including topics such as anyone can teach yoga, the benefits of kids yoga, yoga in the classroom, and preparing the yoga lesson. Then the fun begins, as we transition to the practical application of kids yoga by experiencing a variety of meditations, breathing exercises, games, poses, and relaxations. Attendees will also be provided with a mini kids yoga manual, boasting over 100 kids yoga inspired activities! This session is ideal for Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Early Educators, and other child advocates as it will provide a wealth of knowledge and belt full of tools to confidently integrate yoga into their daily practices and programs.

Jane Austen Education Series Launches Promotion for March

LogoJane Austen's classic novels (Pride & Prejudice, Sense and Sensability, et. al.) are well known, but many people haven't taken the leap to read her stories. Whether it's a case of limited time, or the daunting nature of classic literature itself, there are countless book lovers who haven't yet tackled Austen's work.

Premium Papers Now Offering Free Extras with Every Paper to Help Maximize Value for Customers

Academia is all about knowledge, but being assessed in academia is all about writing. Being able to do something and being able to write about it are distinctly different skills, and some people lack prowess in the latter, costing them respect in the former. Premium Papers offer the best academic research paper writing service available anywhere online, with qualified professionals taking care of the writing so individuals can focus on their study and research. They have just launched a 20% discount offer on all academic papers, as well as free extras to ensure even better value.

Champion Traffic School Advocates the Probable Road Traffic Safety Solutions to Reduce the Number of Car Accidents

LogoBased on the latest statistics in terms of injuries and deaths brought about by road traffic accidents, there have been millions that have been documented all over the world and is still increasing in number. There have been 1.24 million deaths worldwide in 2013 due to these devastating road accidents, meaning 1 person dies every 25 seconds. This data have been documented by the World Health Organization in their report on the number of fatalities due to road traffic catastrophe.

Northeast College Planning Announces Free College Financial Planning Night for Parents

Northeast College Planning announces a free event for parents, who have children in high school and would like to learn more about how to finance their college education. The College Financial Planning Night will take place on March 24, 2015, starting from 7PM till 8PM at Worcester Technical High School in Worcester, MA.

World Landforms, a Well-Known Education Portal, Now Provides Information About Shield Volcanoes

The landforms of the world are constantly changing and have an interesting history all their own. So, it becomes necessary to know about the things that shaped the history of the earth and volcanoes are one such thing that played a pivotal role in the origin of the earth. For providing information about the earth, World landforms educates its readers and students about one of the most interesting landforms, i.e. Shield Volcanoes. An individual can gather ample information from the portal about volcanoes. Shield volcanoes are entirely formed from fluid lava. These are large structures and are circular fan shaped in nature and thus look like a shield. Shield volcano formation takes place when pressure is formed due to heating of the gas, raising the magma upward where it explodes. The molten lava through the central vent then comes out.

Harrison Kowiak Named as Second Scholarship for Anti-Hazing 5k Run

The Burning Sands 5k Runs has announced their second Academic Scholarship will be established in honor of Harrison Kowiak. Kowiak was only 19 years old when he died from trauma received during a fraternity initiation for the Theta Chi chapter at Lenoir-Rhyne University in North Carolina. Since Kowiak's death, his family is determined to protect other students like their son. The Kowiaks have joined forces with The Burning Sands to fight against Hazing. As part of a national anti-hazing campaign, The Burning Sands 5k Runs have chosen 4 students who have lost their lives due to Hazing to name Academic Scholarships in honor of. The recipients of these scholarships will be students who are raising awareness and the need to end "Hazing" within their school or local community.

Fourteenth Annual Kansas Prostart Invitational Celebrates Another Competitive Year

LogoMore than 100 students representing high schools from across the state demonstrated their mastery of restaurant leadership skills — culinary and management — in the fast-paced, fourteenth Annual Kansas ProStart Invitational. Top teams advance on to represent Kansas at the National ProStart Invitational.

Silicon Valley Innovation Center Conducts 10-Day Executive Training Program with Representatives from Leading U.S. Universities

Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) hosts some of the most innovative executive education and management training programs in Silicon Valley with prominent thought leaders in disruptive technology, business innovation and entrepreneurship. It's also been a hub that connects its global clients and partners with companies, people and technologies that are at the epicenter of innovation – Silicon Valley.

Matt Ritchey Releases New, Free Lifestyle Transformation System to Stop Procrastinating

The only resource we can never get more of is time. Once it is used, it is gone, and that's why wasting time is anathema to happiness. Many people want to be more productive, to work toward something, but find that they simply don't know how. Matt Ritchey has addressed this problem with The Procrastination Blaster. It is a system designed to help people attain all the obvious, universal aims like earning more money, success and respect, but also adds an X factor of doing all this while in the pursuit of a happier, more joyful life. The secret to achieving all these things lies in productivity by design, and minimizing time wasted.

Cosmetic Courses on Board with BAPRAS 'Think over Before You Makeover' Campaign

Last month saw the launch of a new awareness-raising campaign led by UK plastic surgery body BAPRAS.

Teachers and Parents Can Now Offer Individualized Math Practice to Young Children and Children with Special Needs Using OctoPlus on the iPad

LogoZyrobotics, a leading assistive technology company, today announced the launch of OctoPlus, enabling teachers and parents to provide math instruction to young children and children with special needs on an individualized basis. OctoPlus provides kids with fun, interactive math addition problems that are accessible based on a student's math skill and disability - whether for regular daily practice or to challenge a student beyond their current skill level. OctoPlus is available on iTunes at . OctoPlus is based on the U.S. Common Core curriculum, which provides a consistent understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know how to help them.

Palmer Trinity School Announces Three Associate Head of School Promotions

LogoPalmer Trinity School is pleased to announce the promotions of Dr. Manjula Salomon to Associate Head of School for Academic Affairs; Danny Reynolds to Associate Head of School for External Relations; and Suzanne Gottlieb Calleja to Associate Head of School for Communications and Strategic Partnerships.

Auteachism Launches Kickstarter Program to Raise Funds for App Development

LogoThe Auteachism Therapist App allows therapists working with children with Autism to harness the power of learning through play with a program designed to be used on both iPad and Android-based tablets.  This app turns traditional applied ABA therapy into an enjoyable activity for children who have Autism or language delays.  This app is a very effective tool for therapists, allowing them to customize lessons, track correct and incorrect responses and access targeted teaching programs on the go from any location.  Now, Auteachism has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the development and distribution of this app program.

How CoolEssay Is Helping Students Worldwide Get Good Grades with Their Custom Essay Writing Services

CoolEssay is a leading essay writing company that stays abreast with the ever changing needs of the students. As a company, they strive to introduce new range of features that could allow them to serve their clients more efficiently, while delivering desired results. Unlike other companies that sell pre-written or plagiarized essays, CoolEssay has always followed a strict ethical approach of writing well researched essays from scratch, while following all the unique instructions of clients. In fact, they have helped students from all across the globe achieve good grades with their premium essay writing services and writing paper services.

Fahrenheit Yoga Studio Announces One Week of Free Classes for New Students

LogoAs the harsh and brutal temperatures of the winter have confined many people to stay in the comfort of their own home, individuals will look to get back in shape as the weather warms up. To encourage new students to sign up for heated yoga classes, Fahrenheit Yoga Studio is announcing a special for one week of free classes for new students.

ETC Offers Medical English for Nurses from Spain

LogoThe importance of well written and spoken English within NHS hospitals is an unequivocal demand for each and every employee and, given that 11% of NHS workers are foreign nationals (with this rising to 26% of doctors) this becomes ever more important. Despite these percentages however the NHS has been, and continues, to face a staffing crisis, this is despite ongoing improvements to completely fund nursing degrees.

Abhinam Yoga Center in Goa Announces 200 Hour TTC in March 2015

Abhinam Yoga Center was founded by Namito, a lifelong disciple of Yogi BKS Iyengar, the renowned master of yoga. He says, "The Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow taught at Abhinam Yoga Center in Goa is primarily based on Iyengars alignment principles. The foundation of this TTC is a combination of the principles of the ancient yoga sutras with a wide range of alignment techniques including the use of props devised by BKS Iyengar." Namito has condensed his years of extensive experience and knowledge to offer participants the opportunity to integrate these within the 200 hour Yoga TTC .

Magline Supports Schools Robotics Program

LogoMagline assisted the Standish-Sterling Community Schools with the High School's robotics program. The FIRST program is dedicated to growing the next generation of engineers and technologists through a robotics competition. The designing, fabricating, and programming of the robot ignites in high school students a passion for STEM careers. Working side-by-side with engineers within the manufacturing industry, students have the chance to try every aspect of engineering – mechanical design, CAD work, electrical, and programming.

Foundation for Talented Youth Selected as 2015 Echoing Green Semi-Finalist

Today the Foundation for Talented Youth announced it is a semi-finalist among applicants for the prestigious Echoing Green Fellowship, a leadership program designed to find and nurture social entrepreneurs who seek to launch bold new ventures.

New Bulletpoints Innovative Service Creates a Revolution in Professional Legal Education is a recently-launched website that aggregates a wide range of legal education courses from across a number of high-quality providers, and makes it easier for lawyers to find the most appropriate courses quickly and efficiently. Ultimately, Bulletpoints caters for all legal continuing professional development.

Global Chefs Will Help Feed and Educate People in Need

The lack of proper nutrition in third-world countries is well documented and quite alarming. More than 190 million children worldwide are estimated to be malnourished.