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Rohan Reid Starts Fundraising Campaign via Go Fund Me to Build St. Michael's Science Lab

LogoRohan Reid believes education is the key in every human being's life. Rohan's own life is an excellent example of how education can change one's life. Born in extreme poverty, she dropped out of high school just like many other unfortunate children. However, an opportunity to attend St.Michael's Academy changed his life forever. The academy's guidance has helped him achieve his CXC's, considered by many to be the Caribbean version of SAT.

Trading and Financial Education Firm, Profits Run, Releases New Training Program for Universal Trading Concepts

LogoProfits Run, an internationally recognized trading and financial education firm, recently released their latest trading program, Profits Run Insiders, to help students learn the insider tips about core trading essentials that will help them maximize profit potentials for a lifetime. Profits Run Insiders is a collection of their best-selling book, "How To Build Wealth", online video training, implementation plans, daily video trading tips, weekly coaching, and software that identifies safe markets to help even the most novice student begin making profits with trading.

World Landforms Now Provides Readers with Facts About Different Types of Volcano Landforms

Intending to cater to the interest and curiosity of readers and students, World Landforms now provides facts and details about different types of volcano landforms. Volcanoes are geographical features with quite an interesting history of formation and origin. Basically, there are different types of volcanoes such as shield volcanoes, complex volcanoes, composite volcanoes, spatter cones and cinder cones. This online portal provides a lot of information, discussing their types, eruptions and various other curious facts which are quite interesting.

World Landforms, an Online Informative Portal Now Providing Information About Major Landform of the World

There are various kind of geographical features that can be seen all over this planet. All these features have formed and originated due to various reasons and through different processes. Thus,, an online informative portal, provides all kind of interesting facts and details about the major landform of the world. Readers and bloggers can easily gather important information about the various landforms such as basins, archipelagos, deserts, coasts, canyons, continents, bays and cliffs etc. This is an excellent platform which not only provides details but also educates readers and helps them in their landform lesson plans.

Phoenix Training Now Provides Leadership and Management Training Courses in London

Retaining their position as one of the best providers of management and business training in the UK, Phoenix Training is now offering Leadership and Management Courses in London. The training firm puts emphasis on creating programmes to produce long-lasting behavioral changes within teams. The training institute works with first-line managers and senior leaders in order to co-ordinate the program throughout an organization to give the best results. Phoenix Training uses a wide range of tools that include the Situational Leadership II model and PRISM Personal Performance Mapping to provide future managers with a set of skills they can put into practice following the training period.

Garner Fine Arts Academy Archery Team Qualifies for National Competition, Creatively Raising Funds to Get There

LogoGarner Fine Arts Academy is proud to announce that their archery team, which consists of 27 4th and 5th grade students, has qualified to go to the national tournament in May. To get the team and their sponsors to the tournament, which will be held in Louisville, Kentucky, the GFAA archery team is fundraising in a brand new way.

Goldcross Training to Introduce NEBOSH, UKATA & IOSH Accredited Courses for Students

Businesses always need to consider health and safety, and in today's litigious environment, businesses must ensure that their staff is properly educated in Health and Safety procedures. Goldcross-Training offers the best health and safety training available for business staff and management, enabling them to stay safe and protected. They are now introducing NEBOSH (National Examination Board of Occupational Safety and Health), UKATA (United Kingdom Asbestos Training Association) and IOSH (Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) curricula to help provide better procedural knowledge of health and safety for a wider variety of specific circumstances than ever before.

Dr. Evan S. Krause of Krause Comprehensive Dental Care Announces Part-Time Teaching Role at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine

LogoAs dedicated dentists committed to the advancement of their field, the leading dentists in Morris County, NJ at Krause Comprehensive Dental Care continually aim to educate others on current practices. Furthering their emphasis on education, Dr. Evan S. Krause is proud to announce he has returned to his alma mater and will be taking on the role of part-time clinical faculty at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine in New York City.

Learn German 6000 Words App Has Now More Than 1 Million Active Users Worldwide

Learn German 6000 Words, an innovative and interactive app developed by Fun Easy Learn, recently crossed 1 million users across the world. It has been official confirmed by Fun Easy Learn that the app has now more than 1 million users across the world. According to them, the steadily increasing popularity of the app proves that the users across the world have liked the newly added features of the German vocabulary app. They have also indicated that updated versions of Learn German 6000 Words will be updated at regular intervals. As of now, the language learning app is downloadable for free from Google PlayStore, though some built-in features can be unlocked by paying a small amount.

BrainWare Foresees the Next Generation of Brain-Training

BrainWare SAFARI is a software program that has helped tens of thousands of students and adults build their cognitive skills. It focuses on 41 skills in six areas: sensory integration, visual processing, attention, memory, auditory processing and thinking.

Free Tuition Offered to Victims of Fake Online Schools

With the increase in online educational institutions has come a corresponding increase in high school diploma fraud, and the Federal Trade Commission is warning students that in this endeavor, like in all online shopping, it's "Buyer Beware."

Find Trade Schools Launches to Help Individuals Find Applied Courses in Arizona and California

As academia rose to the forefront, vocational education was either forgotten about or looked down upon by a generation. However, with the spiralling cost of college and the difficulty finding work with a degree, many are realising that trade schools are the smart choice with trade jobs now paying well due to a shortage of trade people. Finding places to train in specific disciplines can be difficult however, which is why Find Trade Schools has just been launched. Their directories that cover Arizona and California are already receiving a lot of attention.

Parents Nationwide Are Questioning the Safety of Wireless Radiation in Schools

As many school systems continue to roll out wireless to younger and younger students, parents are questioning their safety. From coast to coast, parent and teacher groups are raising concerns to school officials about the health risks from the wireless radiation of tablets, laptops and routers. They are calling for safer technology solutions.

World Landforms, a Well-Known Online Portal, Provides Information About Various World Landforms

Since the origin of planet Earth, the geography has gone through drastic changes which can be witnessed in the form of various landforms present around the world. Proving themselves as one of the most well-known educational portals, World Landforms provides its readers with information about different world landforms. The planet consists of many types of geographical features such as basins, deserts, coasts, bays, canyons, continents, forests, valleys, mountains, oceans and many more.

SAARC Academia's Anthropologist Dr. Bareera N.B. Censures Pakistani Government's Counter-Terror Measures in Perspectives of the Recent Lahore Church's Tragedy

The SAARC region's Conjoint Academic Commission has declared the deadliest terror-incident of Lahore Church, an austerely grim "ethno-indigenous tragedy" on the face of Pakistan's perpetuating ethnic, ancestral and autochthonous predicament, that is now progressively transfiguring towards a racial crisis.

Record Breaking Number of Students Expected This Summer

LogoThe summer of 2015 is set to be a record breaking one for ETC International College as they are kicking off the busiest seasons ever. According to the Office for National Statistics, the figure of overseas students attending the courses of Bournemouth universities was over 50,000 in 2012. The number of students coming to Bournemouth to study English throughout the summer months has grown in 2014 by 20% to 30%. Bournemouth becomes one of the most popular places in the UK for studying English outside the capital of London.

Mayweather Estates Launch Studio 200 - Their Latest Student Property Investment Opportunity in Liverpool

LogoThe Property investment team at Mayweather Estates are excited to announce their latest student property launch in Liverpool, known as Studio 200.

Gus on the Go Partners with AGBU to Inspire Young Armenian Language Learners

toojuice, LLC, the creators of Gus on the Go language apps for kids, have partnered with the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) to produce Gus on the Go language apps in both Western and Eastern Armenian. Gus on the Go Western Armenian and Gus on the Go Eastern Armenian encourage young children to discover the Armenian language through interactive vocabulary lessons and delightful games.

Free Writers' Workshop to Educate and Empower Aspiring Writers

LogoThose who are interested in learning the art of writing high quality eBooks and Books are now able to benefit from a free writing workshop put on by author, Franki Kidd.

Education Poised for Growth as GESS Dubai Ends on a High Note

GESS Dubai ended on a high note, recording marked increases in visitor and exhibitor numbers, a sign that Dubai's education market continues to gain significant interest from education stakeholders from all over the world.

Presidency University Launched in Bangalore

Presidency Group of Institutions, which constitutes 7 schools and 2 colleges across Karnataka, has recently launched the Presidency University. The prestigious Presidency Group has over 4 decades of providing academic excellence at various levels. While the College offers programmes to students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Information Technology, Commerce, Management and Journalism, the schools offer National and International boards of studies.

Experts Talk About the Benefits of K-12 Software Solutions

As the leading provider of software that is geared toward solutions for school districts and their students across the US Data Business Systems school management software and services helps districts with online payment, cafeteria POS, face-to-face payments, lunch status applications, and several more facets of running a school so that educating the children remains the prime focus.

CARE Behavioral Health Expands Its Offerings for Students

CARE Behavioral Health understands the changing needs of children and continuously updates its offerings to meet the needs of students. For example, Mount Pleasant Academy now offers new clubs to better satisfy students interested in the arts and gaming. Red Rock Canyon School, in contrast, allows students to write, record and publish their own music with producer Alan Shalby. Lava Heights Academy also focuses on the arts to assist students in bettering their life, offering a range of fine arts classes to help students in this endeavor. Each residential treatment center works to ensure students have opportunities to grow and expand while moving forward with life in a positive way.

GLTYR - The Fast Growing Multimedia Marketing App - Announces Mobile Content Creation Contest for K-12 Schools

LogoGLTYR (pronounced "glitter") - The fast growing mobile video marketing app - announces the first Mobile Multimedia Marketing and Content Creation Contest for Schools, offering them the chance to win up to $5,000 for their classrooms. The contest will run from April 1, 2015-May 31, 2015.

Kenny Phan Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Right Step Educational Board Game Development

LogoKenny Phan is the father of a young son, and as such he has learned a great deal about how children learn language and math.  In watching his son play, he learned that games are one of the best ways to teach lasting skills.  Kenny has now created a series of fun and educational board games to teach children math and language skills, and is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production and distribution of these games.