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Join 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh with the Proclaimed School - Rishikesh Yogi in the Month of July 2015

Drawing inspiration from the great sages and saints like B.K.S Iyenger, Swami Rama, Swami Satyananadaji, Pattabhi Jois and others great names, Rishikesh Yogis Yogshala was born to manifest the true purpose of yoga. Owing their allegiance to the purpose of human development both physically and mentally, this organisation is a union of self motivated certified teachers in the field of yoga. Situated in the sacred land of Rishikesh, the school is given Yoga Alliance certification on 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and yoga retreats in Rishikesh. Taking further from its legacy, yet another course of 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training is being conducted in July 2015. Suitable for both beginners and experts, this course is for the ever evolving and the spiritually progressing society.

SAT Prep Course and ACT Prep Course Helps Students Prepare for College Application Process

For many families and students, going to college poses an enormous obligation, if not a burden. It entails a whole lot of preparation on the student's part, while adding to the family's mounting financial concerns. In this regard, families who want to send their kids to college can make use of insights, advice and tips from college education experts.

John Nevins Andrews School Is Currently Accepting Registrations for the 2015-2016 School Year

John Nevins Andrews School (JNA School) is currently accepting registrations for the upcoming school year 2015-21016. The school offers Kindergarten through Grade 8 education in a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian environment. Registration starts at only $395 per month with a one-time $95 discount for early registrations that are completed before June 15, 2015.

Go the Distance for Autism Gears Up for May 31

Go the Distance for Autism invites the community to attend a day of autism-friendly family fun on Sunday, May 31, 2015 at Bergen Community College. Attendees will be treated to bounce houses, a trackless train, sweet treats, a catered BBQ lunch and numerous vendors from 9:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Hebrew School for Everyone – Kickstarter Campaign Launched for App That Teaches Users to Read Hebrew

Austin Lubetkin from Boca Raton, FL has launched a Kickstarter Campaign to source funding for an app he is developing that will teach users how to read Hebrew. As part of the project he is also coding the ability for iOS to say a Hebrew word aloud. He aims to raise at least $1,000 by Mon, Jun 8 2015 for the costs associated with the completion of the app.

Champion Traffic School on Safe Driving: How Cheap, Easy and Fast Traffic School Could Effectively Save a Life

LogoThe Champion Traffic School offers safe driving courses for drivers who wanted to avoid traffic tickets that could affect their insurance premiums. Enrolling in a cheap, easy, fast traffic school has been considered to be an effective way of stopping insurance companies from increasing the insurance rates brought by traffic violations. Furthermore, this is also established to prevent people from getting a bad record which will eventually affect their license to drive.

Champion Traffic School Emphasizes the Impact of Defensive Driving in the Prevention of Road Traffic Accidents

LogoCar collisions, car crashes, and other road traffic accidents have been documented to cause the most number of deaths and debilitating injuries all over the world and this fact has been proven as revealed by the survey and studies made by the World Health Organization. The daily news is filled with footages of catastrophic car accidents which shock the global population everyday and the number of casualties has become more and more upsetting and distressing. The number of disastrous and tragic road accidents has become a global concern and different states and other organizations and agencies are constantly searching for the best ways, if not to eradicate, to reduce the number of occurrences.

DimensionU Brings Immersive Educational Gaming to the Middle East Through CORE Education's Birla Institute of Technology in the UAE

LogoOn Thursday, May 14, 2015, the Birla Institute of Technology will host its first Math Olympiad competition using the DimensionU video gaming platform at its Offshore Campus in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. The event will be a major student attraction at the institute's 2015 BITFEST, an annual event for high school students designed to introduce the university to potential future students.

DKL Driving School of Belfast Has Launched a New Website to Accommodate Growing Clientele

In business since 2007, DKL Driving School has learned that listening to customers and building relationships is key to success. Working hard to provide personalized, one-on-one lessons, Des King has built a reputation for customer satisfaction that is unmatched.

EDsmart Releases Its Rankings of the Top 10 Historically Black Colleges with the Highest Retention Rates

The new report has been issued by EDsmart, which reveals the top ten historically black colleges with the highest retention and graduation rates. The report allows students, parents, and schools to evaluate colleges based on important outcome-related measures. Also shown are the degrees awarded, which can be a factor of consideration for schools and counselors.

Drive School Baltimore Reach Milestone 6,000th Successful MVA Driving Test Student

Learning to drive is one of the most significant rites of passage teenagers go through on their way to becoming an adult. Learning to drive liberates people to go wherever they want, whenever they want, and that independence allows people to take advantage of more opportunities, whether social or for employment. Drive School Baltimore has been helping people pass their test since 1998, and the company has now reached a milestone 6,000 successful students, all of whom have passed their MVA driving test under their high quality tutelage.

Playtime Piano Offering Creative Piano Lessons in Baltimore

Playtime Piano is beloved by Baltimore area music students for their convenient at-home piano lessons and knowledgeable instructors. Playtime Piano is also unique in that it encourages students young and old to write their own music during lessons. Effective immediately, Playtime Piano is proud to announce that it continues to offer piano instruction that encourages students to write original compositions.

Palmer Trinity School Hosts Third Annual GEBG Global Educators Conference

LogoPalmer Trinity School recently hosted the largest gathering of global secondary educators at the Third Annual Global Educators Conference. The conference, sponsored by the Global Education Benchmark Group (GEBG), took place on April 24-25. More than 230 were in attendance from around the world.

New Holistic Organizational Assessment Model

LogoThe American Holistic Nurses Association will be hosting a presentation titled "Nursing the Organization: A Collaborative Partnership for Energetically Shifting Organizations form Illness to HEALTH" on Saturday, June 13, 2015 from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm in Branson, Missouri at its 35th annual conference. This presentation will focus on a new holistic organizational process assessment model that can be used to transform current healthcare systems into healing systems. Viewing the organization as a dynamic system exhibiting "symptoms", holistic nurses can utilize self as a leadership tool combined with energy and consciousness CAM approaches, to nurse the organization and be the change they wish to see in the world.

Los Angeles College of Music Offers New Intensive "Weekend Xperience" Workshops for Serious Musicians

LogoParticipants Get Hands-On Access from Top Industry Leaders and Talent Associated with Norah Jones, Godsmack, The Ataris, Paramore, Flo Rida, Britney Spears, Melissa Etheridge, Smashing Pumpkins, Jane's Addiction, Miley Cyrus, Sara Bareilles, Warner Bros. Records, Warner/Chappell and More…

DimensionU "Spring Spectacular" Math Competition Winners Announced

LogoAward-winning educational video-game developer DimensionU, Inc. is pleased to announce the winners of its most recent online, educational gaming tournament, the 2015 Spring Spectacular Math Games. Students from all over the U.S. and Canada participated in the five-week event, which concluded on Sunday, April 26th. Announces New Concealed Carry Classes Are Now Available

Concealed Carry Safety for Personal Defense Inc. announces new classes are now forming for individuals wishing to obtain their concealed carry license. With a 16 hour concealed carry training course, individuals obtain the necessary gun training to remain in compliance with Illinois law. As there is a great deal of controversy surrounding Illinois concealed carry, individuals need to ensure they take part in a comprehensive course, one designed to cover the information they must know.

World Landforms, an Online Informative Portal, Now Provides Information on Composite Volcano

Volcanoes are one of the most widely read landforms for academic purposes, as well as for personal curiosity. To help educate readers about volcanoes, World Landforms now provides information on the Composite Volcano. The well-known online informative portal has provided detailed information on composite volcanoes that are generally found in chains along the Pacific Rim. Teachers, who want to educate their students about the composite volcano, can refer to this portal as it contains sufficient information along with pictures.

New Report Issued by EDsmart Shows NHTI - Concord's Community College in Concord Exceeded Expectations

The recent school ranking done by EDsmart is based on the difference between what alumni were expected to earn and what they actually earned. Expected alumni earnings were based on multiple variables, such as economic outcomes, college quality, student and college characteristics, as well as college geographic characteristics.

EDsmart Releases Its Rankings of the Top Ten Community Colleges That Exceeded Expectations

The recent school ranking done by EDsmart is based on the difference between what alumni were expected to earn and what they actually earned. Expected alumni earnings were based on multiple variables, such as economic outcomes, college quality, student and college characteristics, as well as college geographic characteristics.

IBMC College Expands Into Colorado Springs with the Acquisition of IntelliTec Medical Institute

LogoFort Collins-based IBMC College announced Friday that their parent company, The Laub Company, has purchased IntelliTec Medical Institute in Colorado Springs, CO, making IBMC College the largest, privately owned for-profit career college chain in Colorado. The financial terms of this agreement are not being disclosed.

JetSpring Taking New Clients in Need of a Live Chat Service for Their College or University

LogoThese days, websites are more than just another means to provide users with information. They have evolved to be another avenue in which businesses can gain more customers or clients. When it comes to College or University websites, they can also serve as another way to entice potential students to apply. One way that a school can turn a website visitor into a prospective student is through a live chat service much like that of which is offered by JetSpring. JetSpring is a company that provides a live chat service to Colleges and Universities that are looking to turn their website visitors into prospective students. In fact, the company is pleased to announce that they are now taking on any new clients who may be in need of their live chat services.

Search Tempo Says Bigger Classes, Better Teachers and Higher Pay Is the Solution to the Australian Maths Skills Shortage

LogoSearch Tempo, a leading Brisbane IT company, says that financial incentives and teacher quality will go a long way to addressing Australia's Mathematical skills shortage.

The Umansky Law Firm Hosts Mock Trial for Local Middle School

8th graders from Conway Middle school in Orlando, FL were recently given an opportunity for some hands on legal experience, as they held a mock trial in The Umansky Law Firm's Courtroom. Students from the middle school's legal studies program played out every detail and even had a bailiff present to keep order in the courtroom.

KLK School of Welding and Theory Launches 16 Week Course with South Western Welding Academy

In today's environment, students are perhaps in the worst position they have ever been in terms of finding meaningful and gainful employment. Education focuses almost entirely on Academia and Sports, and both these areas employ a tiny fraction of the total population. Practical skills and apprenticeships are needed for people to thrive in a working environment. Now, KLK School of Welding and Theory is partnering with the South Western Welding Academy to provide both skills and apprenticing experience. Their new course will see students split their time between the Academy and KLK's factory, gaining on the job experience that will be invaluable when students begin seeking work.