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Raj Consultants Pvt Ltd Offers Extensive Counseling to Students Who Wish to Study Medicine Abroad

Raj Consultants is easily one of the best and most trustworthy overseas education consultants in the country. They have extensive knowledge about the education market in international countries and based on the needs and vision of the students, they match them with an MBBS or other medicine program in a country that would work best for them.

Feather River Community College Has Been Ranked Number One for Small Community Colleges by Edsmart has announced the top 15 community colleges in California for 2015 segmented into three school rankings for large, medium and small colleges. Each of these categories includes 5 of the best schools in the region that are the most popular choice for students and their parents.

Foothill College Ranked Number One for Medium Community Colleges by Edsmart announces the top 15 community colleges in California for 2015 segmented into three school rankings for large, medium and small colleges. Each of these categories includes 5 of the best schools in the region that are the most popular choice for students and their parents.

Valentine Vows to Wow Houston Designers

Diann Valentine, the internationally acclaimed wedding, event and interior designer, has finalized plans for her groundbreaking Master class at Chateau Cocomar. Planning and development for the project has been underway since the beginning of the year, and is near completion. Confirmed class date is June 1st, 2015.

Edsmart Releases the Rankings of the Top Community Colleges in California for 2015 announces the top 15 community colleges in California for 2015 segmented into three school rankings for large, medium and small colleges. Each of these categories includes 5 of the best schools in the region that are the most popular choice for students and their parents.

Daycare Alternative, Monarch Montessori, Stimulating Growth and Leadership with Engaging Learning Environment

LogoIn an effort to aid and benefit the development of children's learning, Monarch Montessori is a highly respected daycare alternative in Passaic County, NJ that focuses on stimulating growth and leadership through their hands-on approach to learning. Much more than a traditional daycare facility, the teachers study and utilize the approach set forth by Dr. Maria Montessori through personalized focus and mixed-age groupings.

National High School Promoting Everyone's Right to Education Through Education for All Campaign

LogoNational High School, an online academic institution focused on providing students with quality education through innovative teaching tactics, announced its Education for All Campaign and the benefits that it has for adult learners all over the world.

DimensionU "Spring Spectacular" Math Competition Winners Announced

LogoAward-winning educational video-game developer DimensionU, Inc. is pleased to announce the winners of its most recent online, educational gaming tournament, the 2015 Spring Spectacular Math Games. Students from all over the U.S. and Canada participated in the five-week event, which concluded on Sunday, April 26th.

Edsmart.Org Has Released Its Rankings of the Top Community Colleges in California for 2015 announces the top 15 community colleges in California for 2015 segmented into three school rankings for large, medium and small colleges. Each of these categories includes 5 of the best schools in the region that are the most popular choice for students and their parents.

MAEER's MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul Schools Now Presents an Advanced Approach of Education Beyond Books

Maintaining their prime position as one of the top rated day schools in India, MAEER's MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul Schools is now presenting an advanced approach of education beyond books. Since physical education and sports are the educational aspects that also share an equal learning platform, so the institute has incorporated part of such learning tactics in their curriculum. Through this approach of education beyond books, the individuals will get assistance in learning things in the more advanced and practical way. Various co-curricular activities that the institute organizes at regular intervals for their participants involves sports like Cricket, Foot Ball, Volley Ball, Badminton, Hockey and many more Indoor games like Chess, Carrom, Table Tennis, and much more. Besides this, they have even included Yoga, student parliaments, value education classes, organic farming etc., in their curriculum too.

Free Education Presentation Software Released by Focusky: New Teaching Tool for Professors

LogoFocusky Software Co. Ltd announces the recent lunch of an innovative teaching tool for professors developed by the dedicated company's team. It is free education presentation software that uses animation to make learning more fun and engaging. The tool is completely free of charge and available for download, so that teachers can start playing with students' imagination while presenting the knowledge the kids have to learn.

Champion Traffic School Recommends the Best Yet Simple Preventive Measures Against Road Traffic Accidents

LogoOne of the leading causes of deaths and debilitating injuries is attributed to road traffic injuries such as car crashes and tragic car collisions based on the statements made by the World Health Organization. The international organization states in their 2013 report that an approximate of 1.24 million deaths due to road traffic accidents; and around 20 to 50 million people were known and documented to have suffered from non-fatal injuries but has sustained some disabilities due to the accident.

Online Physician Assistant Program Publishes Information on State Requirements

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for physician assistants in 2012 ran $90,930 a year or $43.72 per hour. states the median wage for American workers, in contrast, was $26,695, as of December 31, 2012. Individuals interested in working as a physician assistant may wish to look into online physician assistant programs to learn more about this occupation, what it entails and the training required in various states.

Phoenix Training Provides Their Participants with Situational Leadership Training in London

In order to maintain their position as the most reliable provider of management and business training in the UK, Phoenix Training is now offering Situational Leadership Training in London. Participants can expect the best training throughout the course as Phoenix Training is the leading exponent of the Situational Leadership model. The company boasts unrivalled expertise in communicating leadership and development training to benefit teams and individuals. After attending the leadership programme, participants will be able to do a wide range of things such as: recognise the accountability inherent in their leadership role, understand the need to develop people to a point at which the leader is no longer required, lead performance in a consistent way and much more.

I-Skool Is an Exciting New Education Revolution

LogoThe inspired minds behind "i-Skool" have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to introduce their interactive educational software to the public. This campaign has a funding goal of $30,000, which needs to be raised in order to bring i Skool to market, and begin the process of getting it into education systems everywhere. i-Skool is a platform based mobile learning solution for use as an essential part of a child's educational experience, both at home and at school. When asked about their inspiration the team states, "We started i-Skool to make a real difference. We believe in giving all children a chance. Each day of school is an opportunity for a student to explore, learn and dream of a better future for themselves and for their communities." The team is also offering complete and total transparency to any parent, teacher or education supporter that wants to get involved with i-Skool and operate as a consulting "privy councilor".

New Survey from Millennial Magazine Aims to Examine Millennial Engagement in the Workplace

LogoThe incorporation of Millennials into the workplace has not been an easy transition. Many Millennials have found it challenging to find satisfaction in their jobs, and as a result, many employers have struggled to engage and retain their younger talent.

Proceeds from the New Book "Chasing Butterflies" to Go Into Empowering African Girls

LogoYejide Kilanko selected WAAW foundation along with the World readers as beneficiaries of the proceeds from her second book "CHASING BUTTERFLIES", she said, "Proceeds from the sale of this edition of CHASING BUTTERFLIES will benefit Worldreader and the Working to Advance African Women (WAAW) Foundation. Both organizations make a huge difference in the lives of children, their families and communities."

WAAW Foundation's Campaign on Indiegogo Seeking Funding for STEM Camp Initiative

LogoWAAW STEM camps are weeklong learning experiences in STEM that introduces African girls between the ages of 13 and 17 years who are currently enrolled in Senior Secondary School SS1 - SS3 to the fun of STEM through innovative hands-on learning challenges. WAAW program director, Tolulope Owajoba said, "Our camps target girls from Public/Government school or low income families who would otherwise not have the opportunity to learn about or be exposed to possible STEM careers and learning in a fun, interactive and hands-on way."

World Landforms, an Educative Online Portal, Provides Composite Volcano Information

Due to various geographical changes, the earth has evolved to be what people see it as today. These gorgeous landforms are formed due to a series of changes that happen over millions of years. With the erosion of soil, wind, tectonic activities and deposition of land in various places, different kinds of landforms have formed over time. Out of the many geographical features that formed in the process, volcanoes are the most interesting. Therefore, World landforms, an educative online portal, provides composite volcanoes information. They are also known as strato volcanoes because of their layered structure or composite strata. It forms due to the material that erupts through the earth's crust.

Cocktail Event at Coral Gables Museum Kicks-off 3rd Annual Global Educators Conference

LogoLast night, educators from around the world attended the opening cocktail reception for the Third Annual Global Educators Conference at Coral Gables Museum.

Wedo Training Launches Free Practice Exam Service to Improve Qualification Rates

Health and Safety is big business in the UK, and those looking to elevate themselves to senior positions in the building and construction industries are well advised to earn qualifications from the governing bodies of major health and safety programs and methodologies. Doing so can be difficult without knowing where to look, which is why Wedo Training provides a comprehensive resource centre listing courses available throughout the country, hosted by qualified professionals. The website has just launched a range of practice exams to help people prepare and get the best results.

The American Musical Theatre Academy London Launches Competition to Train on Broadway

London is often considered the center of the theatrical universe, but there is one place even those working in London long to reach – Broadway. While the UK may be the centre of theatre, Broadway is the Jerusalem of Musical Theatre. As such, budding musical theatre performers want to train in a way that will prepare them for the Broadway machine as much as for their own performances. The American Musical Theatre Academy London is there to prepare students for the Broadway world, and is now launching a competition to send two prospective students to their head quarters, to train on Broadway.

Brand New Video Course for Fine Artists Released

London based internationally published authors, art teachers and fine artists, Vladimir London and Natalie Richy launched a brand new online video course for figurative artists – the Anatomy Master Class –

Cocubes Acquires VCS Tech Solutions - A College ERP Provider Start-Up (Edcited.Com)

CoCubes, India's largest assessment and campus hiring platform today announced its acquisition of Edcited, ERP solutions provider for schools and colleges in an undisclosed deal for majority stake.

Viadaseditors Launches a Learner-Friendly Assortment of Study Course for Its Online Students

Viadaseditors has launched an advanced mode of learning AutoCAD for both beginners and professionals. They provide the learning through video courses online. They provide study materials to the learns both by electronic version and by mailing them offline. Getting an AutoCAD training course from Viadaseditors helps to do material and quantity take-offs and enhance the learner's productivity after completion of course. There are lots of courses that are offered for the enthusiast students. They provide training AutoCAD programs in technology certificate, Autodesk training course, Autodesk certification, corporate trainings etc.