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Modern Science Meets Ageless Wisdom

LogoStarting in May, the College of Universal Medicine is tackling the fascinating area of science and religion by presenting a course that will explore the connection between ancient science, philosophy and religion – three areas that are collectively known as the Ageless Wisdom – and modern science.  Yes, the Ageless Wisdom and modern science are often seen as being in opposition to each other, but modern science, it will be presented, was in fact founded upon the Ageless Wisdom.

Tabula Raisa: Innovative New Education System Set to Whisk Children to 51 Global Destinations

A Renaissance man and son of two career educators, Eric S. Townsend was shocked to learn that established booksellers stocked very few titles to assist young children with exploring the world. He set out to augment that collection. Tabula Raisa™ encourages a simple departure which can then expand horizons. Pique curiosity, spark creativity, build consideration, and boost a child's confidence. The results can be spectacular.

De Anza College Ranked Number One for Large Community Colleges by EdSmart

California ranks 20th nationally in community college graduation and transfer rates, making it one of the most ambitious states in the country for improving the chance of its students in the broader world of employment. Community colleges are known for creating courses with a direct impact on careers, and so they are frequently judged according to transfer rates, graduations and post-graduation employment. EdSmart has recently released rankings of California's top community colleges, and De Anza College has come number one in the large college rankings.

Special Education Parent Book Gives Roadmap to Empower Parents in Their Battle for Special Education Services

JoAnn Collins is the author and publisher of the recently released book: Slaying Special Education Dragons; Ten Step Roadmap to Navigate the Maze, Overcome Roadblocks, and Slay Dragons to Ensure Your Child's Appropriate Education. This book is providing critical advocacy information to empower parents as they embark on the uphill battle for needed appropriate special education services for their child.

On Impressionists' Anniversary, New App Upgrades Your Color Mastery

LogoOn April 25th, 1874, the Impressionist art movement received its name. To honor this anniversary, Huedoku, an app which uses color to enhance cognition, is sharing a collection of color puzzles entitled "Vanishing Boundaries". The colors generated from artworks by Monet, Delacroix, Van Gogh and others, allow Huedoku players to discover insights about visual perception.

Jason P Jordan's Book Personal Online Promotion Hit #1 in Amazon releases it's lastest book by author and successful entrepreneur Jason P. Jordan. Personal Online Promotion: Learn 3 Simple Steps To Make Your Name POP Up On Search Engines made it to #1 on Amazon in under 24 Hours. Jason P Jordan took action based on Mike Koenigs, Ed Rush, Paul Colligan, and Pam Hendericksons' Publish and Profit Program. Publish and Profit is a proven "Integrated Hybrid Publishing System" embraced by small business owners, Literary Agents, NY Times Bestselling authors, experts, speakers, consultants, coaches and entrepreneurs delivered as proven, easy, 5 step process delivered interactively and online. Publish and Profit created by Mike Koenigs and his colleagues Ed Rush and Paul Colligan uses 5 simple steps: Process Prepare, Perform, Publish, Promote and Profit. Taking immediate massive action, following the Publish and Profit system Jason P. Jordan and accomplished in 24 hours what most authors only dream of with an Amazon #1 bestseller.

Paramus School to Benefit from Event at Ethos Fitness Spa

Ethos Fitness Spa will host an Autism Awareness Event on Monday, April 27th with proceeds benefiting autism treatment and education at Alpine Learning Group.

Birla Global Institute Bhubaneswar Extending Scholarships For BBA & Media Courses

The Birla Global Institute which is offering a 3 year full time BBA course is affiliated to the Utkal University in Bhubaneswar. This programme is aimed at imbibing proper business skills to students so that they become job ready. This business management course encompasses around training areas such as marketing, general management, Finance and HR management. The course is also developed by keeping in mind the present business issues that are faced by companies and that helps students to acquire problem solving abilities pertaining to the current scenario across various business sectors and verticals.

Seattle Chiropractor Creates Scholarship Fund for Aspiring Students with Essay Competition

Education is the most important fundamental building block of society, and yet it is getting harder and harder for students to advance their education, and much of the challenge is created simply by the material cost of it. The rise and rise of tuition fees has made it more difficult than ever to pursue education, and students need all the help they can get. Seattle Chiropractor Dr. Scott Mindel of Belltown Spine and Wellness has created the Belltown Wellness Scholarship to help students in the local community pursue their dreams.

World Landforms, a Leading Educational Portal, Provides Information About Different Types of Volcanoes

The evolution of the Earth and its geographical features is a fascinating topic. At World landforms, a leading educational portal, they provide information about different types of volcanoes which are quite informative for students and other people interested in this area. As planet earth evolved, a number of landforms came into existence, some of them being rivers, mountains, valleys, lakes, cliffs, deserts and volcano. Out of these various geographical features, volcanoes are the most interesting ones. They are molten lava that erupts by rupturing the crust allowing various gases, hot magma and volcanic ashes to escape from within.

ETC Opens Enrollment for Aviation English

LogoETC International College now accepts enrollment for their Aviation English program. The courses have the role of teaching pilots, engineers and aviation professionals how to read, understand and produce documents written in English. The lessons also help those seeking a career in aviation communicate with their colleagues in English. The importance of clear communication in this niche is instrumental to safety, particularly nowadays when the airports and air spaces have become busier.

World Landforms, a Well Known Online Informative Portal, Provides Composite Volcano Information

The evolution of the earth and the various geographical features that can be seen hold a large amount of history and activities associated with it. With the movement of tectonic activities and changes in the atmosphere, a number of landforms have come into existence such as continents, oceans, deserts, mountains, canyons, cliffs, valleys, rivers, waterfalls, islands, plains, swamps, forests, volcanoes and much more. Out of the other landforms, volcanoes are one of the most prominent geographical features. World landforms, a well-known online informative portal, provides composite volcano information i.e. details about their eruption along with information about other kinds of volcanoes.

Iowa Wesleyan College Awards Jimmy Osmond Honorary Doctorate

American singer, actor, businessman and humanitarian Jimmy Osmond will have one more accolade to add to his resume: an Honorary Doctorate of Arts and Humanities from Iowa Wesleyan College.

Go Medical Assistant Is Offering Information on a Whole New Range of Programs

Medical assistant can be defined as a lucrative career, as defined by none other than United States Bureau of the Labor Statistics. In the next eight years, the importance of medical Assistant is going to increase at a faster rate, and students are likely to avail the right kind of structure, related with the programs. This site is going to offer the students with a wide range of educational services and valuable information on medical assistant's educational qualifications, certification, training programs, schools and salary.

Zoni Offers World Class English Language Courses and Training to Aspiring Students from All over the World has been a leader in providing English language courses and training for over 20 years, and has campuses at major cities in the U.S., England and Canada. The company has already successfully trained over one hundred thousand students, and its New York Language Center has over 2,500 students from different countries from around the world. It is one English School New York, where various levels of English training are provided as per the requirements of the students in a fun classroom setting. Whether the students are looking for TOEFL Preparation or IELTS Preparation, students can be sure that effective English courses are being taught through communicative approach, cooperative learning and other direct methods.

Upaya Yoga Announces Multistyle Yoga Teacher Training Course in Gaiagarden Resort in Sweden

After the huge success and positive feedback of  yoga training module in Norway, Upaya Yoga announces two new yoga teacher training courses in Sweden which is certified by Yoga Alliance UK for multi-style yoga training.The two courses are 100 hours YTTC training in June and 200 hours in July. A team of experienced certified instructors will be conducting the training module which will include Iyengar, Hatha, Ashtanga, Sivananda and Vinyasa Flow yoga styles for the participants.

Exclusive Data Scientist Course in Hyderabad from Expert Institute

LogoRCP Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Is pleased to announce its exclusive Data Scientist Course in Hyderabad for professionals who want to pursue a lucrative career in the field of Big Data. The institute provides comprehensive Hadoop training to help students and professionals get their desired jobs in the fields of IT, Retail, Life Sciences, Healthcare, etc. as Data Scientists. Data Science is an emerging area and many companies are looking forward to recruit the most talented data scientists. RCP Technologies offers the best Data Analytics Course in Hyderabad with a combination of theory and practical classes as well with exposure to real time projects on Big Data and Analytics.

Primal Gym Hosting MMA Training Classes on Select Weeknights

LogoOperating out of a new gym in Hamilton, NJ, Primal Gym has announced their schedule and hosting of MMA training classes on select nights during the week. Their training programs are led by certified instructors that teach the most effective and innovative styles and disciplines in the fast growing sport. Training is scheduled Monday and Wednesday nights from 8-9 pm at the premier gym for MMA, right in Hamilton, NJ.

Local Community Groups Launch Go Fund Me Campaign to Support Richmond Area Teen Girls Collaborating to Study Abroad from August 6 – 21, 2015

LogoFive community organizations from the greater Richmond area are collaborating on a once in a lifetime opportunity to send 15 local girls to Brazil. The Essence of a Goddess study abroad program will explore the rich cultural traditions of Afro-Brazilian drumming, dance, history, art, and culture. Girls For A Change/Camp Diva, Drums No Guns, Culture4MyKids, Ezibu Muntu, and the Richmond Youth Peace Project will provide some of the funding for the girls to participate in this amazing cultural experience. Each of the girls will raise a portion of the cost for their trip.

National High School Working Toward Introducing New Online Education System

LogoNational High School, an academic institution devoted to providing students with high-quality, challenging education through innovative teaching methods, announced that it is working toward introducing a brand new online education platform.

DimensionU Congratulates Winners of the 2015 Hawai'i Math Games

LogoDimensionU, Inc, in collaboration with the University of Hawaii–West Oahu, Holomua GEAR UP on the Leeward Coast, and 21st Century Community Learning Center, congratulates the winners and all participants in the 2015 Hawai'i Math Games, held Friday, April 10, 2015, at the University of Hawaii – West Oahu campus. Students in grades 4-10, representing eleven schools from the Nanakuli-Waianae, Pearl City-Waipahu, and Aiea-Moanalua-Radford Complex Areas, participated in the 2nd annual event, which utilized DimensionU's interactive, multi-player video game software that combines the challenge of video gaming and rigor of academic skills into an exciting and engaging event. Separate competitions were conducted for elementary and secondary schools, which included a team-based and individual tournament at each level. Special thanks go to Papa John's Pizza for providing lunch to all students, educators, parents, volunteers and school administrators.

Recently Launched, Becomes Leading English Speaking Resource Provider for Serbs, a website focused on helping Serbs learn English, has recently launched itself. The site provides ample tutorials, informative articles and useful advice which will help Serbs learn English within days.

ATD-AMERICAN Introduces New STEM-Friendly Education Catalog

LogoATD-AMERICAN is pleased to announce the publication of their 2015 Education Catalog with new features for schools using a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum.

DDSRank Announces Dental Scholarship

America's leading dentistry SEO experts have today announced plans to launch a scholarship program. Their goal is to help future health professionals pay for their education. The scholarship will award one aspiring dental student $500 to go towards books or tuition for the 2015 fall semester. If you're studying to become a dentist at the current time, DDSRank wants to hear from you. With very few companies offering scholarships exclusively for dental students, this award is a great opportunity.

Monarch Montessori Offering Enrichment Programs to Enrolled Families This Spring

LogoAs an educational community, Monarch Montessori focuses on the processes and philosophies set forth by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1897. With multi-age grouping programs that allow children to maintain the pace of their learning, the school is pleased to announce their enrichment programs are available to enrolled families and children. In addition to their learning development programs that foster a close relationship with head teachers, these enrichment programs assist children in stimulating their knowledge of various skills.