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2015 Hawaii Math Games Tournament at University of Hawaii

LogoDimensionU, Inc., in collaboration with the University of Hawaii –West Oahu, Holomua GEAR UP on the Leeward Coast, and 21st Century Community Learning Center, is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Hawai'i Math Games, which will take place on April 10, 2015. This year's event has doubled in size with 13 elementary and secondary schools participating from three Complex Areas on Oahu. Schools from the Nanakuli-Waianae, Pearl City-Waipahu, and Aiea-Moanalua-Radford Complex Areas will send teams of students to compete in this one-of-a-kind, academic video game event being held at University of Hawaii – West Oahu. Students in grades 4-10 will compete in teams using DimensionU's interactive, multi-player video game software that combines the challenge of academic skills and video gaming into an exciting and engaging event. DimensionU CEO Steven Hoy will attend, along with many Hawaii education administrators and educators in support of students and innovative digital learning. Learn more about DimensionU at

300 Teens to Compete in 11th Annual High School Entrepreneur's Business Plan Competition at UCLA

More than 300 high school students from across the Southland will compete in 11th annual Project ECHO High School Entrepreneur's Business Plan Competition on Sunday, April 12, 2015. This event follows the Semi-Finals event and is intended to provide Southern California high school students the opportunity to pitch their new business ventures to prominent members of the local business community who serve as volunteer venture capitalist judges. Winning teams are awarded cash start-up funds.

Playtime Piano Offering Online Registration for Home Piano Instruction

Some parents might find themselves at a loss for how to accommodate their child's or children's schedules when so many extracurricular activities like sports or plays may be up to an hour's drive away. Parents looking for piano lessons in the Greater Baltimore metropolitan area, however, no longer have to worry about long drives. Playtime Piano offers home piano instruction, and students can register online for even more convenience.

MIT School of Distance Education Now Offers Post-Graduate Diploma in Risk and Insurance Management

LogoWith an aim to keep distance education on par with on-campus studies, MIT School of Distance Education, is now offering post-graduate diploma course in risk and insurance management. With the advent of globalisation, the insurance sector in India is witnessing an unprecedented growth. So, managers who can assess the risk and insurance management portfolio for the optimum benefit of the company are in demand. Currently, most of the big companies like TATA, Reliance, ICICI, HDFC, Birla, and much more have joined hands with renowned insurance companies of the world to tap the growth of the insurance sector. So, after getting a post graduate degree in risk and insurance management from MITSDE students can be sure about their career prospect.

Change and Be Changed Charity Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Scholarship Funds

LogoChange and Be Changed is a charity consisting of educators and community workers who want to bridge the space between North America and Malawi, also known as the "Warm Heart of Africa."  Despite its friendly name, Northern Malawi is among the poorest of regions in Central Africa, and Drs. Thomas and Elisabeth Hangartner, who have been volunteering in the area since 2006, see a strong need for funds to pay for high school and college scholarships for the children here.  Now, the Hangartners, along with other concerned friends, have created Change and Be Changed, an Ohio-registered charity whose 510(c)(3) status is pending, to raise money for these scholarships and have launched an IndieGoGo campaign for this purpose.

Administrator, Anetrise Jones, Starts an Indiegogo Campaign to Raise Funds for Elite Scholars STEAM Academy's Leaning Labs

LogoThe highly anticipated arrival of a dynamic STEAM Academy for pre-kindergarten through fifth grade has finally arrived! Elite Scholars STEAM Academy is expanding its learning environment by adding highly functional learning labs that will foster their students' hands on learning experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

NJ MED Releases Its 2015 World Top 20 Education Poll's First Quarter Report

NJ MED, a NGO partner of the United Nation's Economic and Social Affairs Department, World Top 20 Education Poll's first-quarter report, was released today. The rankings are a pre-poll prediction of the 20 nations that will be ranked as the best education systems at the end of the year.

Graduate Employment Levels Predicted to Rise Again This Year, GSR2R Comment

According to recent research published by the Association of Graduate Recruiters and High Fliers Research, graduate job positions are predicted to rise by as much 11.9% in 2015, which is more than 2013 and 2014 combined. GSR2R, a successful recruitment-to-recruitment company who help graduates gain employment in the recruitment consultant industry across a range of sectors, have commented.

Wudang Kungfu Trains Various Skillsets of Martial Arts to People All over the Globe

Martial arts are a combat skill that has been there from centuries. At first it was limited only in the Chinese region but with time this art of defence has become common all over the world. There are various schools all over the world teaching this form of combat skills to huge numbers of students. One of the schools that have a good presence all over the world is Wudang Kung Fu of China.

Judy Belletti Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Help Children Improve Their Vocabulary Through Bright World eBooks

LogoKids are known to be naturally inquisitive. They enjoy new experiences and discovering things unknown to them. Judy Belletti, the co-founder of 3D Learning Group, firmly believes that it is much easier to engage children with visual learning rather than asking children to memorize vocabulary from a list. This concept has led Judy and her team to create the company's first endeavor, Bright World eBooks. The eBooks will be a complete 3D reading experience where children will be given the opportunity to access learning tools that are as engaging and entertaining as a video game or movie.

DimensionU Announces Winners in South Carolina Math Competition

LogoDimensionU is pleased to announce and congratulate the winning teams from the 5th Annual DIMENSIONU / SPAWAR Mathematics Video Game Competition held Friday, March 13 in Charleston, South Carolina. Eight school teams from the Charleston area came together to represent their respective schools from the Tri-County area. The annual tournament, hosted at SPAWAR Systems Atlantic facility on the U.S. Naval base in North Charleston, is part of SPAWAR's STEM Outreach efforts with area schools and school districts. The competition utilized the DimensionU Games platform, which integrates multiplayer, first-person action-adventure gaming with mathematics curriculum. Access to the DimensionU program is available to both schools and individual consumers.

Faculty Row Launches Experts on Demand to Connect Academics with Opportunities

Jeffrey Finder, founder of Faculty Row Corp., announced that a significant number of public and private entities are successfully utilizing the newly launched Experts on Demand feature to locate super professors on the organization's global network. Companies, agencies and non-profit organizations in all fields of endeavor now have virtually instant access to more than 100,000 scholars in multiple disciplines from around the world.

Tamworth and Burton Upon Trent School Uniform Specialist to Meet New Schools Challenge

As the government pledges 500 more free schools for the UK by 2020, Burton upon Trent and Tamworth School uniform and schoolwear specialist, Clothing4 Schools, pledges to provide all items of school clothing in-line with school branding, quality and styling guidelines.

Aphrodite Image Consultancy Announces Image Consultant Certification Course in Singapore

Aphrodite Image Consultancy,one of Singapore's most experienced image and etiquette training provider is now offering hands-on train-the-trainer classes to all aspiring image consultants. The details related to the new program were announced in a small press conference here today.

Lorraine Peoples Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Produce Digital Versions of "You Can Teach Someone to Read"

LogoThe life's journey can be an endless struggle for people that can't read well. Lorraine Peoples strongly believes that all these people can be taught to read regardless of their age. The objective of this digital project from Lorraine is to enable more fluent readers to teach the non-readers and struggling readers to read English properly.

Team for Language Learning Education Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Funds for Student

LogoWith 6,192 living languages in the world, there are numerous opportunities for those who choose to learn a language other than their native tongue.  However, English is the most commonly spoken non-native language in the world.  This means that English speakers are woefully behind in learning foreign languages .  At any given time, only 24,000 children in the United States are studying a foreign language, with most of those children learning these languages in high school.  The U.S. Department of Defense has noted that there is a "critical need for foreign language skills."  Now, James Smith and his team have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to fund education for students who are interested in pursuing study of a foreign language.

Rohan Reid Starts Fundraising Campaign via Go Fund Me to Build St. Michael's Science Lab

LogoRohan Reid believes education is the key in every human being's life. Rohan's own life is an excellent example of how education can change one's life. Born in extreme poverty, she dropped out of high school just like many other unfortunate children. However, an opportunity to attend St.Michael's Academy changed his life forever. The academy's guidance has helped him achieve his CXC's, considered by many to be the Caribbean version of SAT.

Trading and Financial Education Firm, Profits Run, Releases New Training Program for Universal Trading Concepts

LogoProfits Run, an internationally recognized trading and financial education firm, recently released their latest trading program, Profits Run Insiders, to help students learn the insider tips about core trading essentials that will help them maximize profit potentials for a lifetime. Profits Run Insiders is a collection of their best-selling book, "How To Build Wealth", online video training, implementation plans, daily video trading tips, weekly coaching, and software that identifies safe markets to help even the most novice student begin making profits with trading.

World Landforms Now Provides Readers with Facts About Different Types of Volcano Landforms

Intending to cater to the interest and curiosity of readers and students, World Landforms now provides facts and details about different types of volcano landforms. Volcanoes are geographical features with quite an interesting history of formation and origin. Basically, there are different types of volcanoes such as shield volcanoes, complex volcanoes, composite volcanoes, spatter cones and cinder cones. This online portal provides a lot of information, discussing their types, eruptions and various other curious facts which are quite interesting.

World Landforms, an Online Informative Portal Now Providing Information About Major Landform of the World

There are various kind of geographical features that can be seen all over this planet. All these features have formed and originated due to various reasons and through different processes. Thus,, an online informative portal, provides all kind of interesting facts and details about the major landform of the world. Readers and bloggers can easily gather important information about the various landforms such as basins, archipelagos, deserts, coasts, canyons, continents, bays and cliffs etc. This is an excellent platform which not only provides details but also educates readers and helps them in their landform lesson plans.

Phoenix Training Now Provides Leadership and Management Training Courses in London

Retaining their position as one of the best providers of management and business training in the UK, Phoenix Training is now offering Leadership and Management Courses in London. The training firm puts emphasis on creating programmes to produce long-lasting behavioral changes within teams. The training institute works with first-line managers and senior leaders in order to co-ordinate the program throughout an organization to give the best results. Phoenix Training uses a wide range of tools that include the Situational Leadership II model and PRISM Personal Performance Mapping to provide future managers with a set of skills they can put into practice following the training period.

Garner Fine Arts Academy Archery Team Qualifies for National Competition, Creatively Raising Funds to Get There

LogoGarner Fine Arts Academy is proud to announce that their archery team, which consists of 27 4th and 5th grade students, has qualified to go to the national tournament in May. To get the team and their sponsors to the tournament, which will be held in Louisville, Kentucky, the GFAA archery team is fundraising in a brand new way.

Goldcross Training to Introduce NEBOSH, UKATA & IOSH Accredited Courses for Students

Businesses always need to consider health and safety, and in today's litigious environment, businesses must ensure that their staff is properly educated in Health and Safety procedures. Goldcross-Training offers the best health and safety training available for business staff and management, enabling them to stay safe and protected. They are now introducing NEBOSH (National Examination Board of Occupational Safety and Health), UKATA (United Kingdom Asbestos Training Association) and IOSH (Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) curricula to help provide better procedural knowledge of health and safety for a wider variety of specific circumstances than ever before.

Dr. Evan S. Krause of Krause Comprehensive Dental Care Announces Part-Time Teaching Role at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine

LogoAs dedicated dentists committed to the advancement of their field, the leading dentists in Morris County, NJ at Krause Comprehensive Dental Care continually aim to educate others on current practices. Furthering their emphasis on education, Dr. Evan S. Krause is proud to announce he has returned to his alma mater and will be taking on the role of part-time clinical faculty at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine in New York City.

Learn German 6000 Words App Has Now More Than 1 Million Active Users Worldwide

Learn German 6000 Words, an innovative and interactive app developed by Fun Easy Learn, recently crossed 1 million users across the world. It has been official confirmed by Fun Easy Learn that the app has now more than 1 million users across the world. According to them, the steadily increasing popularity of the app proves that the users across the world have liked the newly added features of the German vocabulary app. They have also indicated that updated versions of Learn German 6000 Words will be updated at regular intervals. As of now, the language learning app is downloadable for free from Google PlayStore, though some built-in features can be unlocked by paying a small amount.