Latest News Offers Affordable Online Tuition to Students Between the Ages of 12-16

One of the largest online tutoring websites, offers one-to-one online tutoring across the UK. They have a team of the most elite university students who have achieved A – A* grades at GCSE level. Each of their tutors is polite and has in-depth knowledge in their respective subject. Their online teaching sessions are the perfect option for those who are seeking academic assistance outside of the classroom. Their teaching sessions target effective revision techniques, exam techniques and coursework support. They are available to provide private exam and revision coaching to students between the ages of 12-16 via Skype for just £19.50 per hour.

Maybank Foundation Introduces "Financial Literacy for Kids" to Cambodia

Maybank Foundation, the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of Maybank Group, together with MoneyTree Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (Singapore) launched a programme which would help increase the level of Financial Literacy amongst school going children in Cambodia.

Abhinam School in India Announces Yoga Teacher Training Dates in Dharamsala

LogoAbhinam Yoga Center in India is pleased to announce the dates of the 2017 season of 200 hours yoga teacher training courses in Dharamsala, which will commence from 4th April'17. Abhinam Yoga, one of the most popular Ashtanga yoga school in India, is seeped in the rich traditions of correct alignment as envisaged by BKS Iyengar. The courses are priced at a very affordable price of $1600 which includes the food and accommodation of the students. All the courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance, UK and US.

AZTech Launches Series of Training Courses in Africa

AZTech Training and Consultancy an internationally recognised Training provider of state-of-the-art training solutions, today announced the launch of a series of programs in Africa, aimed at professionals across various industry sectors.

New Kansas Study Finds Inequality, Racial Disparity, Redlining and Infant Mortality

LogoA new study released by the Community Health Council of Wyandotte County (CHC) entitled H.E.A.T (Health Equity Action Transformation) will reveal problems related to health and health outcomes, race, poverty and multiple other socioeconomic limitations in Wyandotte County. The study, in cooperation with the REACH Healthcare Foundation, was performed by the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, The Ohio State University. This report dives into the causes of high infant mortality rates and problems associated with poor access to affordable housing and routine health care providers, as well as historical records related to zoning and real estate issues like redlining. (Redlining is the practice of arbitrarily denying or limiting financial services to specific neighborhoods, generally because its residents are people of color or are poor) H.E.A.T also reveals why many are suffering from chronic heart disease and lead poisoning. The full report as well as videos of the study results are available to the public at

Student2Student Helping Students Find Their Semester Books Quicker and Cheaper has recently released a new state of platform which will enable thousands of students across United States to buy and sell the textbooks directly with each other on the campus. The website provides a user friendly price comparison feature which will allow students to find the best prices for any textbook of their choice.

Kickstarter Campaign Launched to Fund Groundbreaking Language Learning Platform - Globeik has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for 'Globeik', a groundbreaking language app that brings the sharing economy to the language learning community. The Kickstarter campaign aims to garner widespread support and financial backing to complete the development of the app and market it to a mass audience.

Ed4Credit Launches Responsive New Website

LogoEd4Credit, a division of Ed4Online, has launched a newly redesigned website, showcasing the company's continued strive towards making online learning accessible. The new website comes on the heels of sweeping price reductions on all Ed4Credit courses earlier this year, in September 2016.

Kickstarter Project of New Digital School Aims at Offering Higher Education Innovatively in Creative Fields

Instead of traditional curriculum or assessment based education, one can now pursue higher education in creative fields with a disrupting design education concept conceptualized by Tiago and Cláudia Pedras. According to them, they are endeavoring to create a Digital School, where industry leaders will offer master classes to the students. A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to create this school with a funding goal of €20,000 goal. The project is open for contributions until December 1, 2016.

S&S Services Offers a Wide Selection of Craft Supplies for Various Arts & Crafts Activities

One of the largest art and craft educational equipment suppliers in the UK, S&S Services offers a wide range of craft supplies at the most competitive prices. The craft products that parents, schools and children's clubs can buy from this online portal include adhesive and spreaders, collage materials, craft materials and ribbon, modelling clay, felt and foam shapes and sheets, and much more. All of their craft supplies are designed and manufactured with supreme-grade material and meet quality and performance standards that are safe for children to use. The art and craft supplies that they offer are crucial for enhancing kids' creativity for a lifetime. One of the most important aspects of their craft supplies is that they engage children in a productive manner.

AIMS' MBA Project Management Sets the Bar for Interactive Online Education

LogoThere is no shortage of businesses promising to provide students with access to a top-tier project management programs. Unfortunately, many are not able to offer much more than promises. For those interested in real results and the chance to become a professional project manager, check out the MBA Project Management program at Academy for International Modern Studies (AIMS).

Rely on Artstraws Ltd. and Their Trusted Suppliers to Get Educational Art and Craft Supplies Across the UK

Artstraws Ltd, a renowned provider of early learning supplies, offers educational products through their trusted suppliers across the UK. All of their school art and craft supplies are precisely prepared to ensure that they help young children learn new things in an innovative way. The different online and offline suppliers with whom Artstraws Ltd. has established a long-lasting partnership include S & S Services, GLS Educational Supplies, Children's Scrapstore, Kent County Council Supplies, Fred Aldous, TTS Educational Supplies, Herts County Supplies, Milton Keynes Play Association, and many others. Their arts and craft supplies are used in most UK schools to aid the development of basic skills in preschool and KS1 children.

Learn Words App Launch Provides Virtual Language Learning Tutor That Translates via Image Recognition

LogoDesigned to bridge the gap between language and comprehension, a new app from Linguineo gives teachers and students a new resource. An intuitive tutor that users themselves can manage, the Learn Words app cuts to the chase via personalization features. How so? For starters, the app will recognize words taken from a picture and translate them to text. It then puts them in a word list, uses images associated with them for recognition, uses them in a sentence, and marks them for additional study if comprehension wains. So now, the entire world becomes a text book. Couple that with a scientifically proven memorization feature, games, tracking, and optimum study offline, and there's no reason not to become multi-lingual "tout suite."

Avantika University Set to Introduce Unique Learning Pedagogy with the Highest International Quality

An MIT Pune Campus at Ujjain, Avantika University, will promote design thinking through their unique learning pedagogy. Avantika will mentor students on different levels about how to think in problems differently and build innovative solutions. With its creative thinking and experimentation based approach, Avantika will provide an open learning atmosphere for students that will help them realize their individual worth. Guided by some of the leading minds from the Indian education fraternity, the University aspires to develop its research & training acumen of the highest international order.

Eagle House Group Offers Autism Training to Parents Helping Them Better Understand Their Child

One of the leading specialist schools for autism, Eagle House Group offers autism training to parents, helping them to better understand the glorious highs and difficult lows of bringing up a child with autism. The workshops they organise are fun and informative, and are designed to educate parents who have children with autism, Asperger syndrome and social and communication disorders. Each of their workshops are aimed to help parents find answers and discover new solutions about their child's autism, what they can do to support them, and how they can teach their child the essential life skills that other children seem to simply "pick up." The autism training sessions that they carry out are open to any family having a child with an autism spectrum disorder, as well as for those families, too, who have a child attending one of their schools.

Why Acting Students Recommend Hollywood Acting Coach Brad Heller

LogoThe Heller Approach Acting Studios – based in Burbank, CA – offers an alternative to the well-known method style of acting. This "non-method" way of acting (originally laid out by the well-known Don Richardson) that has been used for decades by many Hollywood icons of the past including none other than greats such as Spencer Tracy and Anne Bancroft and continues to be used with tremendous success by the current generation of up and coming stars.

All Beauty College Offers Quality and Affordable Microdermabrasion and Full Facial Services to the Public

LogoAt All Beauty College, the goal is to train students by perfecting their cosmetology skills, graduating them only after they have honed their skills to the highest degree. The training process itself is a challenging but rewarding one. Luckily, for the general public, the beneficiaries of All Beauty College's educational system are not just the student themselves but rather anyone looking for quality beauty services at an affordable price.

World Famous Beverly Hills Tennis Academy Offers Santa Monica Tennis Lessons

A tennis academy that has recently gained the attention of tennis fans around the world by showing a child of the age of two can be taught how to play professional tennis has announced they are now offering tennis lessons in Santa Monica. Beverly Hills Tennis Academy aims to make professional tennis coaching available to all and help those who wish to learn how to play tennis or improve their game, become the best they can.

Casa Xelaju: A Guatemalan Spanish Immersion Program for Educators

LogoCasa Xelaju, a full-service Spanish language immersion school dedicated to providing educators, teachers, administrators, and principals with the firsthand cultural experience and Spanish language learning environment they need to fully understand the heritage and Latin American roots of the subject they teach, announced this week their official summer 2017 Quetzaltenango, Guatemala trip dates for those interested.

WriteCustomEssay Now Ensures Fast Academic Paper Writing Assistance

LogoStudents all over the world consider essay writing one of the most complicated and boring tasks. Meanwhile, this is also one of the most widespread assignments any educational process is unthinkable without. While time economy is often a priority for contemporary students, they sometimes turn for academic paper writing assistance, which is offered on the web by professional services. Realizing the increased demand for high quality academic papers, WriteCustomEssay has offered their qualified help.

How iAMpower Is Helping Abuse Victims Worldwide

It is no secret that domestic abuse is a major issue in the societies of the developed world. What many do not realize is how prevalent the societal problem is in the rest of the world. In fact, the World Health Organization reports that over one in three women have experienced physical or sexual abuse worldwide.* What is worse is that this violence is the cause of around thirty-eight percent of murders of women worldwide. Here to face this global problem is an equally global push by the iAMpower Foundation. The foundation's vision is "to create a lasting solution to victims of violence by engaging, empowering, educating and enhancing them."

WizardMathKit for Improving Cognitive Mathematical Ability is pleased to offer an exciting and an interesting math kit, the WizardMathKit. The kit is designed for children who have trouble with math. Many kids have difficulty understanding the basic concepts or core logic behind any addition, subtraction, division or multiplication. This kit is designed in a way to help kids understand math in the most interesting manner. Sometimes when theory fails to explain, pictures do a lot more than explanation. And for kids it is believed to be a proven method and many studies have shown that kids understand the concepts better when there are pictures involved.

The Department for Transport Plan to Further Educate Drunk Drivers: Car Rental Company Comments

The course which The Department for Transport has introduced means that drunk drivers in England and Wales are now required to not only learn about the dangers of drunk driving but also learn about the dangers of driving while under the influence of drugs. This has come about after the realisation that a whopping fifth of convicted drug drivers have previously been banned for drunk driving.

GTCOM Attends the Inaugural Meeting of WITTA, Advocating the Integration of Scientific and Technological Achievements Into Translation Education

LogoThe Inaugural Meeting of WITTA (World Interpreter and Translator Training Association)by School of Interpreting & Translation Studies, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (hereinafter referred to as "GDUFS") and the "International Symposium on Translation Education" was held from November 18 to 20, 2016 in Guangzhou. Hundreds of interpreting and translation experts and scholars from the U.K., Canada, Japan, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well as other countries and regions attended the ceremony, witnessing the establishment of WITTA. Zhang Jingjing, Deputy General Manager of China Translation Corporation(hereinafter referred to as "CTC") and Yu Yang, CEO of Global Tone Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "GTCOM") were invited to attend the meeting, exchanged ideas with experts and scholars from all walks of life and shared opinions on future development of translation education

MIT Pune's Avantika University to Offer Design Program for Churning out Creative Minds

An MIT Pune Campus at Ujjain, Avantika University is set to offer programs in design. Beginning 2017, they will offer Bachelor in Design (B.Des) and Master in Design (M. Des) in System Design, Industrial Design, and Communication Design. The different specialization is designed in conjunction with world's prominent educationist and will follow a unique 4 step academic model, including Foundation, Core, Professional and Integrated Experience. To put this extraordinary education methodology in practice, Avantika has developed their learning pedagogy, which is focused on developing the creative and analytical skills of the students. The University possesses the most relevant and future-oriented educational curriculum for design education in India.